Friday, June 15, 2012

Sometimes i cook..

I love cooking... I seriously do ... but its just that i haven't really cooked something nice for a really loooong time.

And that's how i decided to invite a few friends over for a nice Sunday lunch... And this is what i cooked up :)

Looks Yummmmm doesn't it... OK let me tell you what it was and how I made it... so here are the recipes

Grilled Chicken - I mmarinated the chicken for an hour in a paste of soy sauce, honey, chilly flakes, salt and pepper. I then took some oil in a pan and sauteed loads of chopped garlic and then grilled the chicken over it... easy peasy n super yummy.

Cheesy Noodles - Well this one was inspired from dish i had at Mocha. I made maggi chicken flavoured noodles but used just half pack of the chicken seasoning and then mixed it with some cheese white sauce and added chopped chicken salamis and sweet corn to it... a simple one again right... Oh OK this is how i make the cheese sauce. In a pan i take some butter. add some garlic to it. then mix in some cornflour and cold milk. when it thickening i add salt pepper and cheese (grated or slices) to it... :)

Baked Eggs with Sausages - This one is the recipe i picked up from the recipe book i got with my Samsung Microwave Oven. which is basically mixing in eggs with chopped vegetables and sausages and a bit of it with cheese and bake it in the microwave... a quick and easy meal...

So that was the lunch and my guests loved it... super yummy (and fattening :( ... ) but hey its OK once in a while to indulge...

Oh ya and the dessert... well i tried the colourful cake but it was quite a disaster :( since i couldn't get the icing correct. Its OK. was my first time at making icing... I am sure i will get it right the next time. :D :D but it was still yummy... here is the picture and the recipe you can get here Though i just used the regular ready to bake cake mix :)

So do try out the recipes above.... I'm sure they wont be a disappointment :D... take care ...

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  1. Next time call me. Ami jekhane thakbo chole ashbo.


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