Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Mama

Ri: Mama, spider kine dao. (Buy me a spider)

Mama: Spider dokane pava jaaye na, Ri. Snake kine debo? (Shops don't sell spiders. Can I buy you a snake instead?)

Ri: Haaan.

*Happy Mama* (Mama loves snakes)


As we crossed the victoria memorial.
SSM: Wow Ri look what is that?

Ri looks at it for a moment and says "elephant."

Well, he wasn't wrong considering the magnificence.

*Happy Mama*


Mama: Jaano ekhane ke thaake? (Do you know who stays here?)

Ri: Ke? (Who?)

Mama: Robi dadu. Ri, Robi dadu bhalo? (Robi Dadu as in Tagore. Do you like Robi Dadu?)

Ri: Haan. Robi Dadu aador kore. Robi Dadu gaan shunae. (Yes, Robi dadu pampers; he sings songs.)

Mama: Tai. Ki gaan shunae? (Really. Which song?)

Ri: Pran chai chokhu na chai. ( A famous Tagore song.)

*Happy Mama*


Mama is reading Inheritance.

Ri: Eta Eragon. Eragon er dragon hoy. Dragon naam Saphira. Eragon ar Saphira ude ude jaaye. (Only for people who have read the Inheritance Cycle. Translation not required)

*Happy Mama*


  1. Awwwww....such a cute post..
    Shobche bhalo laglo jokhun ri robi dadur gaanta bole :)))

  2. hehe.....a child is so innocent ^_^


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