Saturday, June 1, 2013

Every quilt has a story.

So, it was ages ago when I posted about the "sunshine zig-zagquilt" for Ri. Well, no, I haven’t completed it yet. But I did finish the top and I am trying to figure out whether I should use a batting at all or just give it a back closure. Anyway, this is what the top looks like and Ri loves it.


And while I was at it, I also decided to make another quilt for SSM as a birthday quilt. Erm… birthday is over…the quilt isn’t. But hey, I did finish the top on his birthday. So we know that he will get it before winter sets in K

This was a super quick quilt I made and my first time ever at trying log blocks. Huge bi-coloured blocks. Once the blocks were made, I pieced them together only to realise they did not look quite right.

They seemed more like the blocks had woken up one night got gone out partying and got so drunk that they couldn’t find their way back and decided to lay down where ever they found some place. (I am quite sure they did that; weird things keep happening in this house)


SSM is a sober guy, really. Drunken blocks were seriously not for him. So I dismantled the blocks (Sigh! God bless seam rippers) and rearranged them. They looked abstemious now.


I would be using a batting for this quilt. SSM likes squashy cuddly accessories in bed with him…Ahem! J


For the batting I would be using a fleece blanket. (Thanks, Shilpa for the flannel/ fleece blanket idea. I agree it seems well behaved. I totally heart the quilts Shilpa makes.)


And I will finish both the quilts soon, real soon. J


  1. Ah! the father and son is still waiting.....

  2. With the number of quilts that are on making and proposed quilts that are waiting to be made, you are headed for a padded winter;):D loved the visualised sections.Drunken quilt.

  3. hi Diptee, I am experimenting with quilting too and the ones I've done so far are without the inner batting. One of the reasons was that I wanted my daughter to use it during the normal temp months in Bangalore. Well the second reason was I couldn't just find batting!! Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Rose, You could try using fleece blankets. They are well behaved and the fact that they are stretchable also helps. You can also try flannel blankets. I haven't tried flannel though.

      Otherwise the good old cotton sarees always work. :)

      Thanks for dropping in at my blog. :)


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