Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why I liked Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

The train starts moving; the hero is at the door; the heroine is at the platform. The hero leans out of the door; stretches his arm out; the heroine starts running; she runs fast in slow motion; she then manages to hold his hand. The hero then pulls her up into the train.

As a rule, if a film has this scene, I am bound to like the film. It is my all-time favourite Bollywood scene. And that’s what happened with Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Yes, I did like the film.
The film is not great; the film is not bad. The film is likable.

No one did an exceptionally great job.

Ranbir Kapoor did what he does best – playing cute.
Deepika Padukone did what she does best – playing intelligent and geeky.
Kalki Koechlin did what she does best – playing Kalki.

No, it’s not about great acting. It’s not about a great story line or about great music. It’s not about a great script either.

But what it is about, is a great deal of niceness.

Remember that dear friend who gives you a nice tight hug when you meet? It always happens; it’s clichéd; yet, it is one of the warmest feelings you can experience.

And that is exactly the feeling Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani left me with; loads of warmth.

PS: Madhuri Dixit did what she does best – look gorgeous.
       Farooq Sheikh did what he does best – awesome acting.

PPS: It's not a film I would want to watch again ever. but I did like watching it this one time.


  1. 156 minutes of this 161-minute yawnathon is ill-made. The other five had no relation with the movie whatsoever.

    Ranbir did what he does best - play a selfish city man who has a change of heart at the last minute. This is the 498093482038208320th movie in which he had played the role, but he looks fresh every time, doesn't he?
    Deepika did what she does best - show off giraffesque and not act.
    Kalki did what she does best - resemble a shouting walking stick with huge teeth.

    I remember that Farooque Sheikh was there in the movie.
    Madhuri is the best, so it didn't really matter what she did.

  2. Ranbir ko hum bhalobashta hai, which made me spend 120 taka and watch the movie. The second half gave me a serious headache with all the taam-jhaam and a big fat North Indian wedding. The item song was totally unnecessary in my humble opinion.

    P.S. - I am NOT a fan of Madhuri, but I liked the way she swooned gracefully in these 'comeback' movies of hers.

  3. I agree with what you said :) It was precisely why I loved the movie, but I won't be watching it again any time soon... ^_^

  4. A one time watch film. Farooque Sheikh was good. Madhuri still Rocks. Overall thikthak cinema.

  5. Sometimes it is difficult to put a finger on why one likes something right? :) Although I haven't watched the movie, well written :) Clean and simple.

  6. that PPS was the best line. Nice review...and very well written as always :)

  7. movie's star cast,location and music is awesome, good acted by ranbeer,deepika and aditya. but it lacks in story line.


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