Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A little bit of Ri...

Ri – The fan

Ri on his toy telephone: Hello, How are you? I am fine?

Mama: Kar shonge kotha bolcho, Ri? (Whom are you speaking with?)

Ri: Dev (The Tollywood actor)

Mama: Dev ki tomar friend? (Is Dev a friend of yours?)

Ri: Hyaan (Yes)

Mama: Ki bollo Dev tomake? (So what did Dev have to say to you?)


Ri – The grandpa.

I am lying down next to Ri trying to get him to sleep. I stretch my hand to keep my phone on the shelf at the head of my bed but manage to drop it behind the bed instead.

Mama (On the phone being dropped): Oh Damn! (I try not to use wrong words in front of Ri but they do escape sometime)

Ri: Ki hoyeche, Mama. Bolo, Ki hoyeche (Mama, what happened?)

Mama: Phone pore geyeche. (The phone has fallen down)

Ri: Phele diyecho? Ki kore phele diyecho? (You dropped it? How did you manage to do that?)

Mama: Ei raakhte giye pore gelo? (It fell down as I was trying to keep it on the shelf)

Ri: Theek achche, kaal shakaale uthe ami ber kore debo. Ekhun tumi ghumo. Abar phelbe na, theek achche, nahale ami khub bokbo. (It’s okay. I will wake up in the morning and get it out for you. Now sleep. And do not drop it again else I will really scold you.)

Mama: (meekly) Sorry, Ri and thank you.


Ri – The know all

Ri takes out two t-shirts from the cupboard and insists on wearing them both.

Ri: Ami eta o porbo ar eta o porbo. (I will wear this and this)

Mama: Na, Ri. Nobody wears two t-shirts. Wear this – your favourite angry bird t-shirt

Ri: Na. Angry bird and Chhota Bheem t-shirt. Duto porbo. (I will wear both)

Mama: Na, Ri. Please eta poro. (wear this)

Ri: Duto porbo. Porbo. Porbo. Porbo. Porbo.

Mama: FINE. Duto poro.

(I make him wear both the t-shirts as he gives me the triumphant look.)

After a pause.
Ri: Mama, kal jano Shoma didi (Ri’s baby sitter) eshe ki bolbe? (Mama, do you know what Shoma didi will say tomorrow morning)

Mama: Ki? (What?)

Ri: Tumi bolo (You tell me)

Mama: Jani na. Tumi bolo ki bolbe Shoma didi (I don’t know. You tell me what will Shoma didi say.)

Ri (In a shrill voice imitating Shoma, and imitating her really well): Eeeeii maa. Kii koriish Ei ki, tui duto jama porechiis? (ei maa, you are wearing two t-shirts) (Translation does not give the right effect here. L)

Mama bursts out laughing.


Ri - The clown (this one cannot be translated)

Ri is up to some mischief being stubborn and not listening to his Thammi (grandma)

Thammi (annoyed): Ar kotha shunibi na toh, toke ar kichchu bollar nei, kichchu bolbo na.

Ri looks at Thammi for a moment and then starts singing: Ki kore toke bolbo, tui je amaar...


Happy 3rd Birthday, my little one.


  1. i am in love with this little boy!! quite a hero he is! :) and do post his anecdotes more often Dipteedi, its a delight to read and laugh out at his cuteness! :)

    1. :D yeah, that is what I think he will be - a hero. I will try to post his anecdotes more often. :)

  2. Zhoooooooo cute, he is!!! Happy third babu-moshaayyyy! :D

  3. Ei chhele boro hoye desher mukh ujjal korbe. One day this lad will burn the face of this country. mark my words.
    PS: I love him
    PPS: I still want to marry him.
    PPPS: Happy Birthday to Ri. Onek Ador.

  4. the last anecdote is the best!! where does he get to memorize these bengali songs?

    1. I guess I am to be blamed for that. I keep listening to Sangeet Bangla every Sunday morning. :|
      But it is interesting how he uses it during conversations. Yesterday SSM called him pagla and he immediately burst into 'pagla hawa badol dine..'

  5. I have said this before, Diptee. He is no ordinary boy.

  6. To
    All the beautiful women who wants to marry my son,
    You are most welcome to visit my house
    Sincerely yours
    Rihu's father

  7. The little Darling,after every little trick he says "amake beautiful bolo" as that is what I tell him generally. He is a perfect crusty apple honey pie.

  8. I was reading this for the second time and I am still laughing.. 'Abar phelbe na, theek achche, nahale ami khub bokbo.' eta adorable chilo! :D


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