Thursday, January 1, 2015

Dreams 2015

Ri woke up crying this morning.

Me: What happened, baby? What did you dream of?

Ri: (sobbing) ekta pokkhiraj chilo school e... (There was a Pegasus in school)

Me: That's awesome. Then why are you crying?

Ri: Ma'am was showing us the pokkhiraj and then it took me and started flyingflying away.

Me: Wow. Where was it taking you?

Ri: It was bringing me home.

Me: That's nice. Why were you crying then?

Ri: Because it was flying in through the window and I got stuck while getting in.

He deserved a tight hug after that. Being stuck in the window while getting in the house with a pokkhiraj is a horrible thing after all. :(


So here is wishing you all a year filled with lovely dreams of pokkhirajs and unicorns, of zombies and vampires, and a whole lot of magic.


  1. Magic does not happen, Diptee Raut. It never does.

    1. Mukherjee, stop being *such* a grouch!

    2. It does, Abhishek Mukherjee. You just have to believe in it and it does.

  2. Ah..magic :) That's a good thing to fill your year with. Wish you, Ri and your entire family a 'magical' year ahead !

  3. Oh my God, he's Harry Potter! And that pokkhiraj, dear Diptee di, was Buckbeak! And I won't doubt if Ri's teacher turns out to be Hagrid.. although, I think that should worry you!

    1. That pokkhiraj was, indeed, Buckbeak. :)
      I would love Ri's teacher to be Hagrid. WHAT FUN! :D

  4. Wishing you wacky people a magical new year!


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