Tuesday, March 29, 2016



Okay. I have been meaning to do this for long now. What with all the sewing and quilting and crafting that goes around in my life, I needed a separate place to store it all. Nope, Facebook was not the place.

I will be updating the blog regularly. All about the weekend crafting that I do with Ri. About the sewing and quilting projects, WIPs and completed ones. I will try to include more DIYs and tutorials too. It will be more of a picture based blog, obviously.

Don’t worry, I will continue to update this blog too, with all the other stories about Ri, SSM and the house/kitchen ghost. J

So be nice, click on the link, go to DIPSEWMANIAC and browse through it.

You can also be wonderful and 'like' the posts, 'Pin' the pictures, drop in comments and share it away. Because every time you do any of those actions, you will be visited by unicorns, who will sprinkle some moon dust into your life to make it more magical.

See you again soon. Here and there.


  1. going to check now...and make sure you tell the unicorn to visit me :D

    1. They did visit you last night. You life is magical now. :D Thank you.

  2. loved your intro depti. wonderful way of expressing your thoughts and ideas. wishing you all the best


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