Sunday, April 3, 2016

A birthday gift.

There are days when life springs upon you some beautiful gift. No, I am not trying to get philosophical here. I am talking about real material gifts. Yeah, that happens.
And it happened to me a few days ago…

Well, a few couple of months ago I had visited my parents in Bombay. Every time that I go to Bombay, my mother brings out some thing or the other that she would have stored away years ago and now doesn't know what to do with it. (Which is a lie. She, just like all mothers, want to give away all the lovely things that she has ever stored (and that is quite a bit) away to her daughters.)

So this time around she climbed up to a loft in the house and bought out something wrapped in newspaper. Mummy had got this for her from Japan, she told me, as she unwrapped the newspaper. Out came the most pretty looking, white, with pink cherry blossom, ceramic jar.

“Do you want this”, she asked. 

I? Of course I do. It was one of the daintiest thing I would ever own.

“Are you sure, you don’t want it”, I asked her. Already knowing the answer. It is always the same after all – No, I have a lot of jars.

So there I was admiring it. I opened the lid. The inside was stuffed with newspaper too. I let that be, closed the lid, wrapped it in the newspaper again and packed it in my bag immediately.

Back home I kept the jar safe in a cupboard. A few day ago, I suddenly remembered about the jar and fetched it to store some orange drops. 

As I got the stuffed newspaper out from the jar, it seemed unusually heavy to me. Prying through it carefully, I stumbled upon this.

This. Most. Gorgeous. Glass. Pendant. Ever.
I just held it in my palm for a while. I was love at first sight. It was BEAUTIFUL.

I then called up my mother and asked her if Mummy ever mentioned the pendant to her. She said no, which was weird because Mummy was not the sorts who would forget to mention something like this.

So I don’t know, if that pendant was ever meant to be mine, or if it was a mistake. But I know one thing that it is my most beloved thing for the moment and I am not going to part with it.

So if anyone else in the family is reading this, don’t you dare come claiming and asking for it, because I am not giving it to you.

I will take it as my birthday gift from mummy and wear it all day today as I celebrate 35 years of life. I was, after all, her favourite niece.

Happy birthday to me. :)


  1. <3
    Lots of love, and happy wala birthday! Have a serendipitous year ahead. :)

  2. Love it :) this is such a real read D, muah ! love you ! And Happy Birthday once again !

  3. hey,are you the one from manyavar commercial shown at pvr look similar.:-)

    1. I am not, Alex. But thanks. I take that as a compliment. :)

  4. hmm cool,you celebrate birthdays. i never celebrated one cuz south indian upbringing, where birthdays are not so important.when i was kid,b'day means head bath and mom makes ghee porridge by the time i return from school.our culture is such a way that we should not get carried away by consumerism and life should be without expectations,then only kid will grow into wholesome human and will be down to earth which keeps people really happy.

    at 35,you still long for b'day gifts,i was smiling while reading blog post :-). below is manyavar video that i have seen at pvr.

    1. I don't celebrate my birthdays. But I love birthdays. I feel happy on my birthday. :D
      And I do long for gifts (Not that I get them always, but I do long for them :D)

      Thanks. I am glad my post made you smile. :)

      I have seen the manyavar video. I guess it is the curls that made you think of the resemblance. :D

  5. It is such a beautiful and different-looking pendant! I am sure this unexpected gift made your day :)
    Points To Ponder


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