Saturday, November 24, 2012

Zig-Zag Quilt

They stared at me from the shelf. They were with many others. But they caught my eye. This is what happens every time I visit a fabric store. The fabrics keep staring at me like puss in boots and say, “Buy me. Buy me”. This time it was three of them, a solid red, a solid yellow and a printed orange fabric. They saw me, I saw them and it was love at first sight. I just knew I had to take them home with me. And so I did. That was a happy me. That was a happy them. I organised them in my sewing cupboard. (That’s probably the only place in my house that I keep organised.)

 A couple of weeks later as I was standing in front of the cupboard staring at it, my eyes fell on these three musketeers hiding behind stacks of fabric. I got them out. I smiled. They were inseparable. They complimented each other. I had to put them up together; together, to make them one.

 So out I got my cutting mat, my scissors, my rotary cutter (I abandon those who call my rotary cutter, pizza cutter) and a sheet of my white fabric. And then snip snip snip I started cutting them. First squares, and then into triangles. I did the same with the white fabric. Loads of triangle they were. They were in hundreds; all over the place; looking awesome. They were the colours of fire, of the sun, of life. It was magic. I was about to create magic.

 And then I started sewing. I sewed a red with a white; a yellow with a white; the print with a white; one white for each colour; one colour for each white. And slowly all the triangles were again joined into being squares. Squares, that were half white and half colour. Yes I was making a patchwork quilt – a zig-zag patchwork quilt. That was the only way of bringing the three fabrics together; of creating madness.

I had two designs in mind. One that I termed highway, and the other I termed my way. One was sorted; the other confused. One had a pattern; the other was methodical madness. Both-both were beautiful. They confused me. So I did what I would do if I was confused. I went for a poll on Facebook (Oh, I love social networking) and this is what the post looked like.


There was a fierce competition between the two. Loads of likes and loads of votes. And ultimately madness won. But it doesn’t matter. Ultimately the 3 fabrics get to be together. And with the chosen pattern, they get to be really close to each other.

 So that’s what I am going for finally. Pattern A – Taram param parammm.

 I shall post the picture of the completed ‘Sunshine Zig-Zag’ quilt once it’s done. Watch out for this space.




  1. A remarkably enlightening post, that. There are so many aspects of life that I'm blissfully unaware of. Sigh.

  2. Extremely colourful and well constructed! The pictures were very well knitted with the post.

  3. A story of knitting...good one...!!!

  4. Vow..the biography of a patchwork quilt:):):).Completely original.Pictures are awesome.

  5. Great job! I love the colors you are using. Thanks for reading hun!

  6. Great colors. Sure it will look great!
    Thanks for linking up to the blog list on Quilting in India.


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