Tuesday, September 26, 2017


So I am singing the Bimbo song and Ri is listening to me. For those you who do not know the Bimbo song , here is a bit of it: 

Bimbo, is a little boy
Who's got a million friends
And every time he passes by
They all invite him in
He'll clap his hands
And sing and dance
And talk his baby talk
With a hole in his pants
And his knees stick out
He's just big enough to walk

Bimbo, Bimbo
Where you going to go e oh
Bimbo, Bimbo
What you going to do e oh
Bimbo, Bimbo
Does your mommy know
That your going down the road
To see a little girly oh!

It is a lovely song. You can click on the hyperlink and listen to it too.

So I am singing the song and suddenly Ri stops me.

Ri: So, ma... This boy, Bimbo, he really like girls doesn't he?

Me: Yep he does

Ri: And he does not tell his mother that he is going to meet this girls.

Me: Uh huh...

Ri: So, ma... That is not really a great thing because he should tell his mother where he is going.

Me: That is right...

Ri: So, it is wrong behaviour.

Me: (Not sure where this is going) Yes. He should have told his mother.

Ri: Hmm... And still he has a million friends!

And yet again I am stunned!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Just another regular day.

Ri is sitting on the bed reading about planets in his planet book. SSM is sitting on the floor beside the bed reading some book.

I walk in to the room with my phone in my hand. My phone is playing the chicken kuk du ku song.

I start dancing to it. (Because we all do silly dance at home, right?)

Ri and SSM both look up from whatever they are reading. They both stare at me for a moment.

And then Ri says, "Mama, stop! I really do not like your moves!" and they both get back to reading.

Monday, September 4, 2017

How to become rich!

Ri: Ma, I have a plan!

Me: About what, Ri?

Ri: Ma, I have a super plan to make me rich!

Me: Really? I could do with that too! Tell me?

Ri: So mama, next time my tooth falls, I will plant it.

Me: Okay. How is that going to make you rich?

Ri: Maaaa (Eye roll!) It will grow into a teeth tree.

Me: And then?

Ri: I will pluck out a tooth from the tree every day and keep it under my pillow. Every day I get money from the tooth fairy. Forever.

Me: 😲!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

It's Enough!

Two posts in a row with pictures of shoes... shows what I am going through!


I have procrastinated enough. I have thought enough. I have worried enough. It is time to to just leave aside all inhibitions and go ahead.

I have stressed enough. And then spent hours reading up on stress management self help write-ups. And stressed more and ended up with migraines more often than I would have liked.

And now, I have decided that it is enough. I am not going to go around seeking clarity anymore. I am just going to get clarity myself. Because now I know where it is. Clarity. Somewhere within myself. Sitting quietly in some tiny corner of my mind.

I have spent hours worrying. worrying about things that I have no control on. Worrying about things, that might not happen ever. I have been quite a freak. And now I am not gonna do that. nah. Because, the current love of my life, Eddie Redmayne, as Newt Scamander, said that worrying only makes you suffer twice.

I have been negative. I have absorbed the negativity of others, I have spread negativity. I have cried, I have yelled, I have brooded... But not anymore. I am done with that. I cannot control the negativity around me. But I can get away from it. I can control my own negativity. I know I can.

And I shall come back here and update once I have done that. All of that.

Till then... Bye! Bye!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Who loves Nutella?

The crazy munchkin.

This morning at the breakfast table, Ri was licking a spoonful of Nutella after having his pancakes.

Me: Hey, Ri, do you know who else loves Nutella the way you do.

Ri: Yup, Nehru.

SSM and I both stared at each other.

Me, again: Erm. Who?

Ri: (with all his focus on the spoon) Nehru, Ma

Now this was getting really weird. So both SSM and I stopped eating stared at him for a moment. This needed further investigation.

Me: Hey, who exactly is Nehru?

Ri:(with a big sigh) Ma, Nehru, that guy in Sholay

And this was a new level of crazy even for me.

Me: What? Sholay? What was Nehru doing in Sholay"

Ri: He was Amitabh Bachchan.

And that is when it struck me. Because weird strikes the weird.

Me: Do you mean Veeru, Ri?

Ri: Ah yes, right, Veeru"

And then SSM and I had a difficult time controlling our ROFL.

SSM: But Amitabh bachhan was Jai, His friend was Veeru.

Ri: Oh. Okay.

Me: And how do you know that Veeru likes Nutella?"

Ri: Uh, Amitabh Bachhan like Nutella.

Well, really, there was no way I was going to ask for any more explanation to that.

So well, we shall just conclude that Amitabh Bachhan loves Nutella. And, maybe, Nehru loved it too. We shall never know. :|

Sigh! The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, right? Crazy runs in the family!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Best Holiday Ever!

Five countries in ten days! Sounds crazy, right! Well that is what we did! AND IT TURNED OUT TO BE THE BEST HOLIDAY EVER!

It all started on an evening after a frustrating day at work. This was last month. Both SSM and I groaned and cribbed and kept saying that we need a break. So we started planning a holiday. To Gangtok, and then Himalayas, and then I don't know how but we started talking of Norway. And we decided that we had to go to Norway. A week later we were at the Visa office.

We had made up an itinerary after reading exactly three travelling blogs, to be submitted at the Visa office. We had no idea how we were planning this. Rather, we were not planning it at all. And then by the time the Visa came in we realised that we had two week before we traveled, we had no tickets, and we had no plan.

And so while we were not really for it, we started rummaging packaged tours and decided on one finally.

And it wasn't bad. Hectic? Yes. Satisfying? Hell, yes!

We visited Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm, Oslo, Bergen and Copenhagen. And we had a BLAST!

We got the best weather. We got snow and rain and sun and quilt shops! And we got to see what heaven looks like. And I won't write anymore. The pictures will say it all. <3 p="">
Sculpture at Oslo

Flowers everywhere

What dreams are made of! Norway

The houses and Fjords, Norway

Heaven in Norway

The houses in Bergen

I wish I lived in this. Bergen

Houses in Bergen

The Cherry Tree


Paradise in Oslo

More flowers

The Cathedral in Helsinki

This seagull who loved the camera. Tallinn

An haunted castle at Tallinn. (Because almost everything here is haunted)


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Owls can only mean one thing

SSM and I standing at the window.

SSM: Did you see those?

Me: What? Those birds?

SSM: Yeah, those white birds... You know what they were?

Me: Owls, I think.

SSM: Hmm. White owls. You know what the means, right?

Me: Yep. Some kid has turned 11 today...

SSM silent.

Published Again!

There was a time when I used to dream about being published. And then Writersmelon happened. They came up with a contest of short stories; I sent in my entry; and I got published. And it seemed wonderful.

And then they cam back with another contest. This time I sent in a last minute entry, without any hope. (Okay some hope, because I had really liked the story I submitted.) (Yeah okay, eye-roll as much as you like. I do enjoy my writing. Hmph!) So, well, this one got selected too and that is how... here I present... JUKEBOX  paparaparaaaaa!

Isn't it a lovely cover?!

Jukebox has a collection of some wonderful stories. Stories that will make you laugh, and cry, and scared, and feel silly, and whole lot of other emotions. It has stories written by some of the best writers I know of. And I know that because all of them write with passion and not with the aim of their writing being included a school textbook.

All the wonderful authors

So now I want you wonderful people to CLICK HERE. and go buy a copy of Jukebox. Buy it for yourself, buy it for gifting, or buy it because you like to buy books as home decor. JUST GO BUY IT!

And enjoy my story. And others too. But mainly mine. And let me know how you like it. :)
How cool is that!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Why I wasn't blogging.

The image was googled

I know. I haven’t been blogging much. And that is because… okay, so it is a weird sort of a thing that happened. Let me tell you about it in detail.

I was walking around the block one evening when I came across a small diversion that I hadn’t noticed earlier. Curious, I took to the lane and it reached a wall. So a blind lane it was. I turned around to get back to my usual path but it wasn’t there. No. Seriously. It just wasn’t there. I just hit a wall again.

Well, obviously, I panicked. I started shouting for help. HELP! But my voice just echoed in the blocked lane. I frantically started looking around for something. Something. I do not know what. Anything, like stones or waste coke cans that I could throw over the wall and get help, or some explosives that could bring the wall down, or a packet of chips because I was hungry. Well anything could have helped, but there was nothing.

I sat down exasperated. I wished I had carried my mobile phone so that I could call someone, or play ‘two dot’ (My current favourite game) but iguess i just had to wait. After what seemed like hours, I finally heard a slight swishing sound. I couldn’t figure out what it was. I could only hope it wasn’t cockroaches. Katasaridaphobia. Any other creature would have been fine. Luckily, it was another creature.

I realised that the swishing wasn’t coming in from ‘my’ lane. Nope. It was somewhere far away, up in the sky. Initially, I noticed a tiny speck. But as it flew closer, I was sure, it was IT. It. Was. A. Hippogriff. Seriously! No kidding.

It landed in ‘my’ lane and before I could understand I was tossed up in the air and I landed with a thud on its back. I clung on for dear life as it flew away with me.

The flight on the hippogriff was AMAZING. It’s one experience that will stay with me forever. Anyway, we flew over oceans and mountains and lands unheard of. (Mainly because I suck at geography. I am sure, you smart guys, would have heard of them.) And we finally reached what seemed to be a castle.

And I was excited because I thought I would be expected to slay dragons and save the handsome prince, but no, that happened only in fairy tales, apparently.

So I was dropped off, literally, at the gates of the castle and then escorted by men in helmets, not bike helmets, stupid, but the Viking kind of helmets. They took me to the guy, who I guessed was the king because they all bowed down to him. I bowed down too because that seemed appropriate.

He then said in a loud booming voice, “Me, the great Gaster Nomos, the lord of the Culinary, have heard from the messengers far and wide, that you, lady, can bake the best caramel, bread pudding ever created. I. NEED. TO. TASTE. IT.”

And that was it! I was guided to the kitchen that was as large as the Kolkata maidan and I had to start baking the pudding. It was ceremonious as music played and people danced around while I was baking it. I then plated it in a gold plate to serve it to Mr. Nomos. I stood there, tensed, hungry butterflies fluttering in my stomach, as I saw him scoop a bite and place it in his mouth. The music stopped, everyone around was quiet. Even the pins refused to drop, lest they might be heard. My heart stopped beating as he closed his eyes, tasted the pudding and then swallowed it down. He then opened his eyes and laughed. A loud wealthy laugh it was. And with him everyone present started laughing too. He called me over and held me warmly in his arms. The music started… the people danced… there was happiness everywhere.

The next day was spent teaching the chefs the recipe. And the next few day I had a holiday of a lifetime in the most beautiful land ever. I was then flown back on the hippogriff. It was kind to me during our return flight. And well, here I am. Blogging again.

And yeah, I wish all of that was true and laziness was not the only reason for me not blogging. But laziness is what it was. And the damn laziness was so bad that I did not even write a birthday post yesterday. I would kick myself in the butt if I was fit enough to do so.

So well, belated birthday wishes to me. This year will see more fun posts here on my blog. Promise.

Also one thing in the story up there was true. I do make the best caramel, bread pudding in the world. :D

See you soon.

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