Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Ri.

Laaaaa laaaaa laaaaa that's how you came in this world, doing complete justice to "la - a note to follow sew". Well, I am quite sure that's how you cried when you came in this world because that's how you cried for the next one month every time you cried. Yes, a very musical laaaaa laaaaa.

The moment you were born, Ri, I heard you cry but couldn't really grasp the tone of your crying then. This was because the anesthesiologist for some weird reason kept squirting nasal drops all over my face; yes, all over my face except my nose. And the doctors, they kept saying something about you having eaten your poop. Argh. So amidst all the confusion, the only time that it actually sunk in, the fact that you were born, was when they cleaned you up and came and touched your cheek to mine. That was one blissful feeling, baby. Your soft warm skin against mine felt like soft soothing sun rays on a cold winter morning. I saw you then, a little pink fluffy thing. Yes, that's what you looked like. Before that, they did show you to me once,  you were covered with green poop then. So when I saw you all nice and clean and warm, I didn't cry like they do in movies, the khushiyon ke aansoo bit, but I felt happy. Very very happy.

It's been two years since then. Two years where life has been a complete roller-coaster ride with you. It's been fun. It's been maddening. There have been moments when I have felt like tearing my hair apart; but most of the times its been just fine.

A very happy birthday to you Ri. They call them the terrible twos. We shall ensure that we make it as terrible as we can, right. We will be as crazy as we have been; and we will have a fun year.

Love you sweetheart.


  1. Very touching ! God bless your family. :) Happy birthday Ri!!!!!!!

  2. ha ha nice one....happy birthday to our rock star rihu :-)

  3. Very touching. Took me back to when my daughter was two. I hope he had a blast today!

  4. Is that why SSM gave him such an obnoxious pet name? As in H..o..m? Well written post. Sweeeeeeeeeet.


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