Sunday, March 10, 2013

In conversation with myself

“Fifteen minutes; that’s it. Fifteen minutes of writing every single day. That can’t be such a task now. I mean, you have ideas; you have thoughts. It’s just about penning (typing) them down, right? Why is that giving you such jitters?”


“Yeah! right. Do you have the slightest idea what fifteen minutes look like. It’s no less than a grotesque, blood-curdling, drooling beast sucking the happiness out of you”


“You got to be kidding, girl. You love writing, don’t you? And this is just going to help you write better. You have to keep practicing”


“Yes, I love to write, now that I am kind of regular with my writing. But you know, I am just so much more comfortable writing short stories. They are way more enjoyable. They just flow as I start writing them”


“So, write short stories. You have the plots; writing will help you work on your language and flow”


“I can’t post them on my blog”


“Why can’t you?


“Because…” (mumble)


“Pardon, I couldn’t hear you”


“Argh! I said I can’t post them on my blog because I. Have. Decided. Not. To.”


“And, why would that be so?”


“Just like that”


“Just like that?”


“Er. Well, I need more versatility on my blog”


“Hmm. That’s true; that does not stop you from writing outside your blog every day, does it?”


“Yeah. But I don’t know what to write about. I am just so short of ideas. I have tried really hard. Writing down daily happenings – they sound crap. Reading up topics I can write on – but I lack the knowledge”


“Build up on the information base then”


“I will. Hence I will take a break from writing and read up much more to work on my language, vocabulary and awareness, right?”


“No, you will continue to write; Fifteen. Minutes. A. Day”


“Groan! Write what?


“Short Stories”



“Just don’t blog them. Blog once in a while what ever you feel like or stories that can be blogged about. Rework on the existing stories. But don’t give up on writing”


“Yep. I will do that. Fifteen minutes every day. That’s a promise”


“But don’t forget the blog.”


“I won’t. Have fallen in love with it


“Here you need a tight hug to begin with and now get writing”.


“Yeah. yeah. Good night”




  1. I wish I had an inner self to persist me for going on and on and on.

  2. No pressure lady......... Just enjoy creating......dont get jabbed down by formats and outcome. Just create - Shrishty Shukher Ullashey!

  3. hmmm.....that was quite high on self motivation:) regulating Amygdala? Well written.


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