Sunday, March 17, 2013

Okee Pokee

Okee Pokee crack me crown
King of the island of Gulp 'em Down
Was thought the finest young fellow in town
When dressed in his best for the party.

Okaa Pokaa Chinga Ma Ring
Eighteenth wife of the mighty king
Loved her Lord above everything
And dressed him up for the party.

Satins and silks the queen did lack
But she'd some red paint, that looked well on black
So she painted her Lord and Master's back
Before he went to the party.

Crowns and stars and ships with sails
And flying dragons with curly tails
And so dressed Okee Pokee, without a coat or a vest
But yet, in his best for the party.


This was one of my favourite poems when in school and I have been searching for this poem for long. This, again, is not the complete poem. I am sure there was more to it; the search is still on.

Ri is going to learn it soon :)



  1. Heheheh... Who is the author of this?

    Crowns and stars, and ships with sails,
    And flying dragons with curly tails--
    "That's a dress," said the Queen, "that never fails
    To charm all folks at a party."

    So, painted up till he looked his best,
    With pipe in mouth and feather in crest,
    Okee-Pokee marched out without a coat or vest,
    But yet in full dress, to the party.

    1. :D YAY! You got me the entire poem. THANKS! Oh I can't remember the author.

  2. This poem has no author as it is an 'Anonymous' poem, we had this in the 7th standard & at end of the poem it was written 'Anonymous'.


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