Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thirty Two.

So thirty two it is. Wow! That’s old. Damn! That’s old

Ah, and some year thirty one has been. Quite a roller-coaster ride I must say; with a bagful of complex emotions; as complex as The Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange, LA.

But all in all, it’s been a fun year

It has been a year of identifying and being comfortable with me. Finding and enjoying solitude; brimming with optimism and positivity; and loads of dreaming.

There has been a lot of learning, and honing myself; a great deal of writing, and writing well. I read new books; amazing authors that changed the way I thought. I realised there is so much more to read and so much I was missing out on. I sew like a thorough seamstress and made some adorable stuff; started on with three awesome quilts and will finish them early this year.

I made new friends and they did bring about change in my life – for the better.

I took risks; I indulged in madness; and I loved it.

I fell in love – with the semicolon.

Yes, I did add on to my ‘already heavy’ weight last year. I tried, I really tried hard to diet, walk, run, gym, swim, yoga and sex, but none of it worked. I will do it all with double the effort and dedication this year. I swear. I have to; that’s the only hindrance now when I look at myself in the mirror. Yeah baby, I see no tale-tell lines around my eyes. That does make me happy.

I was also great in managing my temper this year. I need to get awarded with the patience I showed. I didn’t fret over little things. They were not really little when I come to think of it now. I rocked.

Thirty two sounds like it’s going to be a great year too; a year full of fun and mischief; a year with loads to read, better writing, and tons of sewing.

I also wish it to be a more serene, settled and simple year.

A very happy 32nd to you, D

Yes, please do learn to drive the car this year.



  1. Many, many returns of the day so that one day you will really feel OLD and be happier too.

  2. Happy birthday !!

  3. Happy birthday, Diptee. I'm happy that your age has finally caught up with the number of teeth you have.

    I so wish you fall in love with the Oxford comma as well.

    1. Thank you, Abhishek. Yeah will try dating the Oxford comma a few times before falling in love. Semi-colon may not like it though.

  4. Hey Diptee,

    Came here via Abhishek's blog.
    But first,Happy Birthday Diptee!
    I liked your writing style and now you have a new follower:)
    Is your birthday on the second of April?


    1. Thanks, Dhari for the birthday wish. My birthday is on 3rd of April. Thanks also for following my blog, your kind words and for commenting. :)

  5. Bit late but still.....Happy 32nd year of your life. Its wonderful that you are so settled and have found your peace at such a juncture in your life. God bless.


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