Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Muddled Mind.

I feel hurt, very hurt. So hurt that I go to the corner in the bathroom and weep like a baby. No, I wail like a baby. I see my self teary eyed in the mirror and I howl even more.

It seems like I am losing it. I have no idea why I cry like that. No seriously there is just no reason why I did what I just did.

When everything in life seems just fine, then why on earth do I feel so down in the dumps?

“You like to create situation.” I have heard that so many times. Do I really create imaginary situations? Situations, that even I have no control over – IMAGINARY YET NO CONTROL. Sounds scary! The problem is I do not even have the slightest inclination of what the situation is.

 “You romanticise solitude.” Yes, I have heard that too. I do romanticise solitude, yet I crave for companionship and cigarettes. (Weird, considering I do not smoke)

Running away – is that a solution? Well, maybe, to a place where I can live in anonymity and start afresh. And yet there are people who hold me back.

I don’t like to cry, yet crying gives me a great sense of contentment; of being alive.

Damn! I need some strong coffee now.


  1. I can connect to all the things said above (excluding the cigarette craving)
    I feel like i should go to a place where no one knows me and i have no one to talk to just me and my tanhai sorta :P
    I think it has become a generally tendency of people nowadays..emotional quotient is on roll...
    All the best no worries you will submerge and then again bounce back :)

  2. Hmm that is exactly you 'a bundle of contradictions'.You see Dips,its really strange how people have taken into virtual communication,and how we are clubbed to a certain image.You see that misses out on the warmth of a touch.Cry all you want dear,it lightens the burden of undetected sorrow on our souls.


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