Monday, July 15, 2013

Lootera - Review.


Lootera. There are various reasons why I loved the film; various passionate reasons.


I will begin with reasons that are, well, personal.

The moment the movie began and I realised that it was shot at the Itachuna Rajbari, it was enough for me to know that I love the film. Itachuna Rajbari is one of my favourite weekend getaway places.

The last time I was there, I had spent hours exploring the place; every corridor; every room; every nook and corner. Seeing and relating to all of that in the film was sheer pleasure.

Then they showed Mocambo. The Mocambo. The favourite eating place Mocambo. Need I say more?

And then the plot was based on The Last Leaf – one of my favourite O’Henry short stories.

So I constantly had ‘These are the few of my favourite things’ ringing at the back of my mind.


And now, on to the film - Lootera.

Vikramaditya Motwane’s Lootera is a film based during the post-independence period. The zamindar (Barun Chanda) and his daughter, Pakhi (Sonakshi Sinha) live in palatial mansion. They believe that life will continue with the same grandeur, untill the government of India passes a law to deprive all zamindars of their power. The government also seizes the zamindars land.

This is when enters Varun Srivastava (Ranveer Singh), introducing himself as an archeologist who needs to study the land owned by the zamindar. Varun and Pakhi fall in love as they bond over poetry and painting, and finally the zamindar father fixes up their engagement.

It gets revealed on the day of their engagement that Varun had been nothing but a con-man who had vanished after having robbed them of their wealth; leaving Pakhi heart-broken for life.

The second half of the film is based in Dalhousie where an ailing Pakhi stays with her maid (Divya Dutta). The film then progresses the O’Henry's The Last Leaf way.

I really enjoyed the story line. I enjoyed how the tale of a con-man was blended flawlessly with O’Henry's short story.

Sonakshi Sinha And Ranveer Singh did a decent job.Sonakshi, though needs to work on expressions. There were times when it was getting difficult to guage whether she was getting angry or having an asthma attack. Ranveer really needs to open up his mouth to deliver dialogues He just mumbles. Divya Dutta was brilliant in a role that required immense under-acting.

The cinematography is overwhelming. I loved the fact that the film was shot in natural light. Every scene looks like a beautiful painting - breathtaking. The music is splendid.

The film did have a couple of, flaws.
I mean I am quite sure that no Bengali zamindar’s daughter who would have studied in Shantiniketan would really be into reading Godan – Premchand or reciting Hindi poetry. If the director was not okay about using Tagore he could have very gone ahead and shown her reciting a Wordsworth or a Keats. That would have been more authentic.

Also the fact that there was not a single soul during the chase sequence at the streets of Dalhousie seemed unreal.

Anyway, the flaws were not prominent enough to bring down the brilliance of the film.

I think Vikramaditya Motwane delivered Lootera to perfection.

Do watch the film.


PS: If you haven't read O'Henry's The Last Leaf, you can read it here.
O’Henry’s The Last Leaf was also made into television serials years ago on Doordarshan. I remember watching it in the show, Katha Sagar – made by Shyam Benegal. You can watch it here.

The story was also used in one of the episodes of a serial named Honi – Unhoni. I was unable to get a link for the same.


  1. i loved the movie too!! and loved your review as much! :)

  2. Nice review...i also remembered the story being telecasted in Door Darshan..was not sure Katha Sagar or Ek Kahani...thanks for reminding....after a long time I felt like watching a movie with story ..

  3. The film was good. I was also impressed with the cinematography. Ranveer needs to work really hard on acting and expression and he needs to do something about his voice if he has to hang around. Sonakshi was also good except that she failed to look very Bengali. She also needs to improve her dialogue delivery style. Every dialogue can't be said in a nasal tone. The second part was good as far as the script was concerned however didn't like the end. I personally think it could have been better. The entire falling of the tree scene and the valiant "save the leaf" jump with the bleeding wound was a bit too melodramatic for the film. The film could have ended as soon as Ranveer met the Police.
    The music and the background score is quite impressive. The song "sawaar lu" has a brilliant vocal beat at the beginning of the mukhda every time it is sung, which is so lowly recorded has lost its impact. Swanand kirkire has really enjoyed singing "kemon boka monta re" with an awesome grain while singing the word 'kemon'. I also loved the way dotara was used in the prelude in a dark dusk background of the scene.
    The chase sequence in a deserted Dalhousie street was a little too much - reminded me of Saif and Rani singing in an empty Times Square.

  4. Loved the movie. Ranveer with an assumed voice makeover-brilliant.Lot of gaps but 'goodness just tide over the fallacies.

  5. The cinematography was brilliant (absolutely agree with Subhro on that). Sonakshi tried her level best, but just like Ranveer, she has her limitations.

    The real problem I had with the movie was its pace. It could easily have been a 100-minute movie. Sigh.


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