Monday, August 19, 2013

The snake

Snakes, have I ever mentioned that the wriggly creatures always intrigue me. And it has been a while that I have been meaning to make one for Ri. Well, so this Sunday morning as I was deeply involved in solving a case with Poirot, Ri came to me; climbed up on my lap and asked, "ki khela korbe?" (What shall we play?)

Without a second thought, I smiled and said, "cholo, let's make a big snake for you." Ri, sharing the same excitement, jumped off my lap and ran with an intention of bringing my sewing cupboard down. (When I say ‘make’ he knows that a sewing machine is involved).

I ran behind him before he could crash the cupboard and we got the fabrics out. We finally decided on a blue and yellow and, snippity snip, I got cutting. I like to believe that Ri shares my love for fabrics since he loves playing with them

 So, the snake had to be big, fat, and really long. That is exactly how Ri wanted it. That is exactly how I visualised it. The strips were accordingly cut. I had initially thought of making a simple snake like the one from the wonderful Make it & love it tutorial, but then I decided to make one with an open jaw.

Now making the jaw was a little difficult but I managed it fine. Okay, I am lying. Making the jaw was bloody difficult and I used the seam ripper like a thousand times while muttering curses under my breath and sweating it out. I moved with an air of a martyr enjoying martyrdom when I was done with the jaw. I later realised that it had to be difficult, it was pink after all.

The snake skin had turned out well. I was confused on whether the eyes should be on the yellow side or the blue. As you can see, I finally decided on the yellow.

I am mighty glad with the way it has turned out to be. I think I did a great job. I felt really happy about myself. I mean, look at those eyes. Those eyes just seem to make the snake look so adorable, don't they?

The snake now goes slithering around the house; curls up on the couch; wraps itself around the window bars and basically keeps itself fairly happy.

Ri loves it too. He kept holding its tail and hurling it around. That does mean he really loves it. His big, fat, juicy snake.

We are still deciding what to name it - Kaa (SSM's choice) or Khagam (my choice). And we do know we will ultimately settle on Khagam, right?. :)

PS: I am, in reality, a very modest person. Seriously. But I haven’t written a post and labelled it narcissism for a very long time. Hence this post. K


  1. Though it is years away, I wish to be a mom like you.
    "Son, you want a snake, here's a snake. Take it."
    Yeah but then, I also have to learn to sew. lol

    1. Oh, I am sure you are going to be a super cool mom.

      Sewing is as easy as eating a pizza, and as good a stress buster too. :) try it.

  2. Lovely post. I am awestruck. I wish I could sew :(
    P.S: The last made my day. What happiness!!!

  3. You got it right babes! Snakes narcissism and Khagam- that's Diptee alright:) On a more serious note, as usual beautifully written. Now you need to be beautifuller.Enjoyed reading.

    1. Yes, everything horrifyingly dark, that's Diptee. :D


  4. Couldn't help quoting the entire thing, you'll find the original in

    Baburam The Snake Charmer

    Hullo, there Baburam – what have you got in there?
    Snakes? Aha – and do you think there’s one that youcould spare
    You know, I’d love to have one, but let me tell you this–
    The ones that bite aren’t right for me – nor the onesthat hiss.

    I’d also skip the ones that butt
    As well the ones that whistle
    Or the ones that slink about
    Or show their fangs, or bristle.

    As for eating habits, I think it would be nice
    To go for ones that only take a meal of milk and rice.
    I’m sure you know the kind of snake that want fromwhat I’ve said,
    Do let me have one, Baburam, so I could bash itshead.

    [Original: 'Baburam Shapure' (Bengali), Translated by: Satyajit Ray (the able son of Sukumar Roy)]

  5. It's not everyday that a mother thrusts a snake at her son and both look pleased about it. The snake has a reason to look perplexed.

  6. cutie cutie and cutie.... You, Ri and the snake(in that order) :D
    Ri is so lucky to have an awesomely talented Mum like you :)

  7. God!!!! look at the outcome! its fantastic Diptee...

    I am definitely making this!!

    Much admiration,


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