Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Trapped - A guest post for The Whitescape

I wrote a guest post for The Whitescape’s blog – For the love of words. You, of course, know the blog, right? Come on, the same one that has been kind enough to award me with the wonderful trophies you see on the panel there. à

Anyway, make sure to visit the wonderful blog, read my story and browse through all the awesome posts.


Aaaand... Now…  A sneak peek into my story -

A lazy Sunday winter afternoon; soft sunshine; a cozy couch; a warm quilt. That is all that is required for lovely, humdrum, languid siesta. Anything that disturbs such a snooze can be excruciatingly annoying. And this is exactly what happened to Sunny.

Trrrrrrrrring, and Sunny woke up with a start. Muttering curses under his breath; he trudged towards the door to open it. It annoyed him all the more to see no one outside. Scratching his head; groaning, he took a few more steps ahead to check if there was anyone around the vicinity. No one, except a raven cawing its heart out…


  1. I loveddd it! Another one of *those* that you are getting good at. A bit like the mice in HHGTG. But the crows really have that spooky way of looking at us with their heads tilted to a side.

    1. Whooops! DNA just turned over in his grave. :D

      Yes. Crows just seem to know everything that's happening.

    2. When Maitreya was a kid, there used to be a Cartoon series called Pinky and the BRain: 2 mice planning to rule/ destroy the world. Pinky was the daft one and Brain the real conspirator. Total TP- those PoMo cartoons!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Shreyansh and welcome to my blog. :)


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