Monday, September 9, 2013

Advocate for Responsible Programming… Advocate Breast Feeding

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Breast-milk is a child’s right… breastfeeding is our duty… and no it cannot be replaced with water.


Ek Mutthi Aasman on Zee TV is promulgating very wrong and mis-leading thoughts on prime time on a channel as prime as Zee TV…doctors on the serial are advising to quieten a hungry baby with water because it’s mother cannot lactate. The serial is targeted at domestic workers and the underprivileged and is carelessly portraying mal-nourishment. The reason they claim is that since the mother has had a C-sec she can't lactate, and hence they suggest IV for the baby.

Who the hell is scripting such serials???

My thoughts: Breastfeeding is beautiful. Breastfeeding creates a bond between the mother and the baby. A breastfed baby is a happy baby.
Giving water to a baby younger than six months is dangerous, it's criminal. No doctor in the current generation advises water to babies until six months of age.
A C-Sec mother also lactates and lactation has got nothing to do with surgery. For mothers who do not lactate there are formula feeds that are advised by the doctors.
IV is recommended for babies who are weak and can’t take any feed due to the weakness. In most cases they are not discharged from the hospital
Today, when we have Aamir khan leading the malnutrition awareness campaign, it is sad that we also have television serials like this giving out completely wrong messages and ruining the entire objective in an half hour episode.
A lot of people, a lot of women, believe in these stupid serials. The least the television channels/shows can do is be a little responsible. Television serials can have a huge role in creating awareness but what they are doing instead is misleading the viewers.
Here is a petition to protest against these television serials. Click here and sign to help the cause.

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  1. Well i do agree breast feeding is good for the child but water is bad for 6 month old ain't sure about that....


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