Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pre vacation post.

I know, I haven’t blogged for a while and that is a criminal thing to do. But really, things here have been very busy. And the busiest thing of all has been planning our vacation.

Yay! We are off for a vacation tonight! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yipeee! *Okay, stop it now.*

So right, I have been busy making mental vacation checklists and ticking them off, and adding on to them, and getting really confused, and finally writing them down. This is a long awaited, much required vacation and in spite of the pre-travel jitters, I am really excited.

It is big for us. This is going to be our first international vacation together as a family. We, SSM and I, have been at it for long, like almost two years, planning out the food we will eat and the food we will eat when we go to UK. So much, that I have been having orgasmic dreams about Yorkshire puddings, Shepherd's pies and English breakfasts.

So it’s imprudent that we actually ended up getting out passports done only last month. Yes, we are lazy, crazy, unwise and all of that, we do end up doing things last minute. But hey, we did it. We got our visas last week and here WE ARE GOING.

We will be staying at Bedford with family. And I really look forward to some ‘sit by the river-side and read and write’ awesomeness, some stunning travel and yes, some scrumptious food.

I plan to be disconnected with the world for the next two weeks but I will come back with some wonderful stories. Yes, I will.







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