Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A lot of grumbling...

You know how it is when you get off from the wrong side of the bed in the morning – everything goes wrong, well, it is worse when you sleep from the wrong side the night before.

That is exactly what happened last night with me. Now while I only have one side to my bed since the other side is pushed against the wall, I am quite sure I missed something about the regular bedtime ritual. I just know it was wrong.

I got in to bed last night with a horrible migraine, terrible backache and a cough that aggravated the horrible migraine and terrible backache. I wasn’t worried about it too much. I knew it would be all right after a good night sleep and I normally sleep well through the night.

But last night was not the night. Ri had a bad cough too and kept coughing through the night. The time when Ri wasn’t coughing, SSM was tossing and turning around. I had to get out of bed a number of times to get cough syrups, honey and water and to pee. So basically between the two men it was impossible to sleep last night.

It was but obvious that I woke up this morning, groggy, to a headache and a backache and an empty jar of coffee. Since I also woke up late, I had to hurry to get to office on time. After my bath when I wore my clothes I realised that the kurta had a tear so I had to change my clothes again. I was really late now.

SSM complained of feeling feverish and refused to get out of bed; which meant I had to take a taxi to work today. I had a quick breakfast and rushed out to, guess what, no taxis. So walked to the main road and waited. After around ten minutes and twelve auto refusals I finally got an auto to Golpark.

By now I knew what the day was looking like – morning shows the day. So the fact that getting a taxi from Golpark was going to be a battle was inevitable, and I decided to surrender to it. But, ha! fate was not going to be that easy on me, right?

The minute I approached Golpark, it began to rain. Yes. So I stood there getting wet; waiting for a taxi. Yeah yeah, tell me all about looking all drenched and sexy - drenched in a freezing office is no sexy business.

By the time I reached office I was super irritated, I still am.

I think I am getting old. I am thirty two – by human years. This means by dog years I have already died twice and in the process of being born the third time as a bird. I am ancient; I am a fossil.

I probably need to have a fling before mid-life crisis strikes in. I looked up for online dating sites on the internet, opened up one and then I realised that I hate men. I hate all men and I hate all women and I hate this city. I hate the earth, the universe, this life and everything related to all of it. I hate everything.

Now I am feeling miserable.

I am going to watch this video/song in a continuous loop till I think I can tolerate the world again.

Till then, good bye.


PS. If you look anything like the guy whose picture you see below or the guy in the video link above, do contact and we shall discuss prospects of a harmless little fling.


  1. Look at the bright side. Your sense of humour still exists.

  2. Fling will set everything right?
    Ask SSM to retreat to a safe distance and throw some chocolate at you.
    That should help.

    1. :D :D
      You have a combo of migraine, backache and cough... A simple headache is usually enough to justify a harmless fling. :P

  3. Aah, yes those days. The throwing-in-the-towel days. But let us say a silent prayer and thank God for Pinterest and all this nice associated with it ;) So well written, straight from the heart. I can picture you saying it :)

    1. :D Seriously, thank God for Pinterest and all those crafty blogs.

  4. aah, sirius black is the answer to all our headaches.... (I'm just randomly sifting through your posts, as I do often, really)

    1. Always! And love you for sifting through the posts! :)


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