Thursday, January 23, 2014

So she sews!

This post is just a sewing / quilting update. Stuff I have made in the last few months.


The Beads: Someone on the facebook quilting group posted this blogpost and then the urge to try making these beads was irresistible. Simply irresistible. So there. I made two of them. They are 'oh so lovely.' And already claimed by a dear friend.

Toran (Indian bunting): The same awesome quilter group keep coming up with quilting challenges. One such challenge was to make a toran. Here are the details. It seemed like a very interesting one and hence this elephant toran got made.

Blanket of love: Read this. It is for a cause and this is the quickest quilt I have made. The firstime that i worked on a log cabin and it has become my favourite pattern now.

Froggy and beach ball: The frog and the beach ball are actually very old toys that I made for Ri. they were among the first few things I made and I love them. I cannot remember where I got the frog pattern from. The beach ball was from my favourite Purlbee.

Butterflies: One day Ri and I were standing in the verandah watching a butterfly that had lost its way into our house. I asked Ri then if he would like to sleep on a pillow full of butterflies. All he had to say was 'yes' and I went snipity snip with my scissors on my fabrics. The paper cutouts were stuck on Ri's wardrobe and they looked lovely.

Kindle cover: New years and a bad fight with SSM earned my this kindle. :D Call me a freak, but the first thing i did with the kindle was make this cover, that very evening. One of the quickest and most favourite thing I ever made. I love it.

Lamp shade:  This one was totally experimental. And the experiment did not turn out too bad. I later wished I had used better, heavier fabric for the lamp shade but I really did not want to use the nice ones for and experiment. SO will have to make one again.

SSM's quilt: Remember this quilt? Remember? Remember? Yeah, I know it was long long ago. But I managed to complete it finally, and on a cold winter day too. So hey, not too bad huh!

The birthday bunting: Ri's third birthday. How could I not make him this colourful birthday bunting? :)

So that's it. I have been sewing it up pretty well.


  1. babe i luv the butterflies. and a-dore the frog...can u plz post instructions? this is fabulous...

    1. Hey thanks! I cannot remember where I picked the frog pattern from but it is very similar to this one. . I used cotton and rice for the stuffing though.

      Here you will get loads of butterfly printables.
      Print them on a paper trace them on fabrics cut and sew them up on a plain pillow cover. the paper cuttings can then be stuck on walls/wardrobes. just fold them a bit at the wings then. :)

  2. Woww... the frog, its so cute!! Amazing, Diptee! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Preeti and thanks for following my blog. :)

  3. Lagaan:

    Elizabeth: Elizabeth.
    Guran: Eli-Elis-Eli... achchha naam hai. Jo bhi hai, achchha hai.


  4. they say Do what you really like to do, the results will be brilliant. Diptee you are one of those who figured out what you really like to DO. (you love to surprise your own self) !

  5. Love your handiwork,i too am very fond of sewing.

    1. That's great, Indu. Always a pleasure to meet a fellow sew enthusiast. What do you sew?

      Thanks for dropping in. :)

  6. and here I am who cannot even thread a needle!
    I love the blanket.


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