Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SSM knows nothing about vampires!

We got back from a holiday to my village and I noticed these two spots on my hand. and then this is what followed:

Me: I have been bitten by a snake

SSM: Whaat?

Me: Look I have been bitten by a snake. This is how a snake bite looks. And when I was sleeping I did dream that a snake was crawling over me and then bit me on my hand.

SSM: Stop creeping me out!

Me: I am serious. Look.

SSM: I am surprised you did not say that a vampire bit you!

Me: Whaat! Have you lost it? THIS is my hand, not my neck! You need to get your facts right, mister!

SSM: I need to get my facts right? Do you know anything about snake bites? At all?

Me: I know more about snakes than you know about vampires and human anatomy.

(And then he said the weirdest thing of all)

SSM: The only thing I know about vampires is that they do not exist.

(And then I gave him this expression)

Me: (screaming) And THAT is how much you know about vampires.

SSM: (with a sigh) I am going off to sleep!


PS: That bite got pretty nasty and I had to show it to a doctor. The doctor said that I am going to die - but not in so many words. He said, "this looks really bad and I am glad you decided to show it." (Anyone who has grown up on Bollywood would know that the statement always means - you are going to die.) I did not share this thought about my death with SSM because he gets a little paranoid. I think his fear is that he may not be able to handle both my ghost and the kitchen ghost together in the house.

So, the doctor said that it was a bad bug bite (The bite was bad, not the bug) that had spread into my blood stream - so that is almost like a snake bite. I wasn't too wrong.

PPS: The bug bite is much better now so turns out that I am not dying after all.


  1. If anyone of you were a football fan, the immediate thought after vampire bite would be Luis Suarez. :P I guess you know, right?

    I hope everything is fine now. Take Care. :)

  2. I HATE BLOGGER! They made my comment disappear :'(

    Diptee di, I loved this post as always. They are never crappy blog posts. And I am so glad you're fine... Though I wonder what it would be like if all met up in the afterlife as ghosts.... *feels a short story forming in her head*

    <3 And SSM, read up about vampires!!!

    Also Diptee di, *still a little mad at you for choosing DC over me* :|

    I look forward to your next post :D

    1. Oh, we will meet as ghosts, don't you worry.

      Yes, SSM needs to read up on vampires. I plan to gift him some books.

      I can never choose DC over you, you know that.


  3. khi khi khi..u were about to die and u still decided to doodle on the bite! :P
    I am happy u r fine!

  4. Oh I'd got something similar too, which turned reddish. But the disaster that I am, didn't go to a Doctor.
    Anyway, long story short, nothing happened to me. :P

    The doodle was so cute :D
    Looking forward to more of your posts! :)

  5. You clicked the pic, uploaded it, and typed out the whole story with one hand?? Brilliant! You really deserve an award...erm....a comment :p


    Do drop by mine. My latest post is a picture-parody of Sholay (read: lots of memes)

    1. I know, I am awesome that way! :D

      Thanks and welcome to my blog.

      I will definitely visit your blog.

  6. Hahaha.. I read this last night, in my bed, before sleeping and I was laughing and giggling. Came here to comment now, just to say that.. =D

    1. I am glad I could make some contribution to your insomnia. :D

      Thanks a ton. :D

  7. You're getting weirder with each passing day.. and so my love for you, also grows each passing day! :P

    1. And THAT makes me very happy. :D

      What is life without a little bit of weirdness anyway. :)

  8. Heee heee haw haw! Somehow this reminded me of us slathering tons of Nivea (or was it Pond's?) cream on our face as kids. Totally unrelated, I know! :D

  9. I think it was a cockroach. Or maybe two cockroaches. Trying to fornicate on your hand. It was just the sheer impact.


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