Friday, September 12, 2014

I fear he is growing up too soon

Sleep time is usually a challenge because there are a lot of hurdles to cross there - conversation about school, a story, few songs, some Chhota Bheem talks...

And then this is what happened tonight:

Ri: Mama, S Aunty's car wheel has broken down. I have told her that my ma can make wheels. You will make a wheel for her on your sewing machine tomorrow.

Mama: (feeling super happy about the confidence Ri shows in her sewing capabilities) hmm, I will make it. (And then getting impatient to finish all the exciting talk before sleep talk so that he sleeps quickly) Hey Ri, tomorrow is Saturday. Yipeeeee! It's a holiday. What do we plan for tomorrow, Ri. You want to do some sewing with mama. We will read a lot of books, alright. And hey, we haven't made cake for a long time. Let's make a chocolate cake tomorrow. And let's build new Lego houses. (Pause for a breath.)

Ri: Mama, why are you talking so much? Sleep! (Turns to a side and goes off to sleep)


  1. I am sorry, but I could help smiling about this.
    He is smart, that's all I could say. :P

  2. Hehehe... I don't think he is growing up too soon. He has just 'outgrown' your ideas. Time for him to decide what he wants to do on weekends. ;)


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