Wednesday, September 3, 2014

In search of the room on the roof...

She had a bad migraine attack that evening. Her husband, ever so caring, kept asking her how she was feeling and how he could help. 

The migraine was getting worse and as much as she knew that the husband was just being nice, she really wanted him to shut up. His constant asking was hurting her head more. Finally, she couldn't take it any longer and said, “Either shut up or crush my head with a huge rock. That is all you can do to help.”

Next thing she realised was that she was dead. Her ghost was watching over her body, her head crushed with a huge rock. The migraine had killed her, literally.

The police were there in the room. Her husband was pleading – But… but... she asked me to crush her head.

The police took him away and she, rather her ghost, sighed and started her journey towards finding the perfect room on the roof to live in... forever... like she had always wanted.


  1. In are NAIVE...and this ghost is amazing!

  2. Just be careful how far you push Fugro. (And I don't mean push him from the roof!)

  3. Now i truly understand what you meant when you said that the story just comes to you. If its abstract, it should be like this. Brilliant.

  4. I. Will. Not. Take. Anyone. Literally.

  5. As a story.. it's brilliant! As an author.. you're amazing! As for Shubhro da.. "sigh!" :)

  6. Brilliant! A couple's life in a nutshell.

    1. Thanks. Yes, this couple's life. Let that not be universal. :D

  7. Aww..I pity the husband..he just did as he was told... :-P :-D


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