Monday, September 15, 2014

People in the metro are weird

Kolkata metro

My friend, DD and I entered the metro; I noticed a vacant seat; I pushed a couple of people aside and ran towards it; I GOT THE SEAT.

That is not what this post is about. I was just happy about getting the seat. That does not usually happen and I really wanted to mention it here. So that is that. Done.

This post is about the conversation that followed between DD and I. (DD did not get a seat, ha. She was standing there in front of me leaning against the pole. So we had to speak quite aloud to converse.)

DD: That was crazy the way you ran to grab the seat.

Me: A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Awesome is the word. It was awesome the way I got the seat.

DD: CRAZY. By the way, why do you flare your nostril when you are excited.

Me: You mean like this? (flaring my nostrils)

DD: Yeah, why do you do that.

Me: I guess I am related to dragons. I guess... I am a dragon.

DD: No, I am a dragon. look I have dragon teeth. (She twists up her mouth to show me her teeth)

Me: No way, girl. Those are vampire teeth. Totally vampire.

DD: No. I don't like vampire.

Me: Doesn't matter. You are a vampire. I don't like vampires either. I prefer zombies.

DD: WTF! Vampires and zombies are not even related. They don't fall in the same category. That is not even a comparison.

Me: They of course are! They are all related. Vampires, zombies, ghouls, dybbuks... they are all related. And that is irrelevant. You are a vampire and I am a dragon. AND THAT IS COOL.

Then we suddenly realised that people in the metro were giving us weird looks.

I know they were doing that because I shoved few people to get my vacant seat.  But hey, come on, I do deserve a seat once in a while. People in the metro can be really weird at times.


PS: I just realised that this is my 99th blog post. Which means my next post has to be really special... Gosh, that is a lot of pressure!


  1. Yes, I know of the looks you are talking about. I have been at the receiving end of them when I had sat down on the floor once. Stupid people.

    1. Yeah, somewhat like those. I know, stupid people.

  2. Those looks.. Are they the same ones when you accidentally step on their shoes? Or the ones that they project at you when you hit them inadvertently by the side of your bag? No? Then I don't know what you're talking about. Maybe it's the look when you have your earphones on, loud music in your ears, and you're unmindfully headbanging to the song playing through them.. You get a look there too - a one that questions your sanity, sense of conformity and the reason for your very being on this earth. Not that look? Sure? Then I don't know which one you're talking about..

    1. Na, not those looks... Na, not those looks either. But somewhere in between.

  3. Diptee's race to get the seat, was indeed a sight you all missed, I got lucky.
    I have DRAGON TEETH.
    Those looks got more intense when We started laughing- basically 'ladies seat' according to me can accommodate 8 women, but 11 try to fit in. In such a scenario if Ms.Raut was laughing; a 'sticky situation' we ought to get the looks.
    literally the bottom Iine is :
    Our Metro rides can make the world ENVY us. pls tell me about ZOMBIES Ms. RAUT>:D

    1. :D
      No you have VAMPIRE TEETH
      Well yes, When I laugh hysterically, my shoulders shake vigorously, that leads to the passengers sitting next to me shake as well. They should be happy they get free...erm... vibration... erm... massage.
      I am not sure about the envy bit, but I have a feeling we will be banned from entering the metro very soon. :D

  4. Subhro , weird is a word which has been used for the people in the METRO>
    Pls request to find another amazing description for DR and DD.


  6. Aha! Now *this* is where apna Mumbai trains rock! We can giggle alone, doze with our heads rhythmically lolling and drool dripping down our chins, chatter about anything from MILs & bosses to Mills & Boon to Mails & Bonuses to Maleficent & Bram and no one will bat an eyelid, forget giving *looks*! :P
    The only way you might get some looks would be if you were a Macchi-wali whose basket is dripping fish blood mixed with sea water. That too it will only be the Gujjus giving those looks. The rest are probably visualising Kaalwan in their minds. ;)

  7. Yesssss. I agree with you.Getting a seat in a metro is very difficult. People looks at you in such a way as if it is a silent zone and you are not allow to talk in a metro. So called sophisticated passengers.

  8. lol.... by any chance were the people in metro giving you looks because of the Dragon Vampire stuff?

    1. Now that you say it, that could be a possibility.


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