Monday, December 1, 2014

Apparently everything that I have ever known was untrue... except about Anandi Gopal Joshi.

SSM: You know what… I just happened to read somewhere that Ajay Devgan is a Punjabi.

Me: Huh? That is a lie.

SSM: What the hell. All these years you've convincingly told me that Ajay Devgan is a Maharashtrian and I believed you.

Me: Yup. He is a Maharashtrian. Remember how I've always said it is देवगण . The 'ण' makes him a Maharashtrian. No doubt about that.

SSM: What crap.

Me: What? Remember he also had a Maharashtrian wedding

SSM: *Sighs* You know what, I think I should check all the other ‘information’ that you've fed me with, about celebrities.

(SSM going clickity click on the laptop.)

SSM: And I was right. Sunidhi Chauhan is not a Maharashtrian either.

Me: THAT is bull shit. She is. Oh my God she is. She is Sunidhi चव्हाण .

SSM: Seriously, pronouncing a name with a Maharashtrian accent does not make someone a Maharashtrian. And what is this whole deal about trying to prove that everyone is a Maharashtrian?

Me: I am not trying to prove anything. I do not crib when you go on and on trying to prove that everything originated from Bengal.

SSM: I do not. I state facts.

Me: Kadambini Ganguly is not the first female doctor of India.... IT. IS. ANANDI GOPAL JOSHI. Get your facts right, mister!

SSM: I am not going through THAT again.

Me: And I am not the one trying to prove that everyone is a Maharashtrian. I was the one to inform you that Kirron Kher is a Bengali, remember?

SSM: Brilliant. Now let me check that as well… Aaand I should have guessed. She is not a Bengali. She is a Punjabi.

Me: WTF the internet is lying. She is Kirron with an ‘o’ If she was anything but a Bengali, she would be Kiran not Kirron!

SSM: Erm... She was born, Kiran.

Me: She also looks so Bengali!

SSM: *Rolls eyes*


SSM: What the hell is wrong with YOU!

Me: Let us start talking about Anandi Gopal and Kadambini Ganguly again.

SSM walks away.


  1. Such a fun post to read! And I loved that bit where you say that Kirron Kher is a bengali. :D
    P.s.: I don't follow Baalika Vadhu so I thought you were talking about that Anandi. :3

    1. More people know of Balika Vadhu than Anandi Joshi... The sad story of our days!

  2. hahahha!! u and SSM da are such a colourful duo! :D loved this conversation!! :)

  3. WTH. If Kirron Kher is a Bengali then so is Ron Weasley.

    1. WTH. Like anyone would ever be Ran Weasley!

  4. Jai Maharashtra! ;) :P
    And Anand Gopal Joshi is *DEFINITIVELY* the first female doc in India!

  5. And i used to wonder that founder of Symbiosis Dr SS Mazumdar is a bengali.. he s actually a Maharashtrian... Diptee.. go on... keep on adding ur list.... Rajnikant is also marathi :)

  6. Replies
    1. Reminds me of how Gandhiji was every Gujjus neighbour in Porbunder. :D :D


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