Wednesday, February 11, 2015


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She and I, we are sisters, but she has always treated me with disdain. She always wanted what I had. She always got what I had. Either by snatching, bullying, pleading, stealing…. She always got her way.

She was good, nah, better than I was, always, in everything. So they always gave her what she wanted. I was never the one they liked.

If I had a doll, she ensured she had two of those. If I got a book, she had to have it… and others too. It continued through the years – workshops I attended, she got them too… dresses I wore, she got better. She even managed to woo the boy I secretly yearned for.

And then when I was devastated by my miscarriage, It wasn't mere coincidence that she conceived a month later. I knew it wasn't.

And today after all these years, I have got my chance. The revenge I have been waiting for, all these years. Today we are together far away from home. No one knows we are here; it was our little secret – sister secret.

I take out my wand, point it out towards her and scream my favourite word “CRUCIO” … Again and again and again and again… and finally I utter, “Obliviate!” and walk away.


  1. WO WO WO....... After quite some time....... A good one

  2. Replies
    1. Read Harry Potter. Please. You have no idea what you are missing out on.

  3. OMG...u are preggs with twins!?

    1. I really wish I was 'preggs with twins'. But I do wonder why would my post make you assume this.

    2. Yeah! Even I am trying to find the connection. :/

  4. A great HP fan I assume :) Good one here!


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