Friday, January 22, 2016

And that was the end!

Except that it is not an ode... (Sourced from the internet)

They had been in college together for a year now. But it was only a fortnight ago that they spoke for the first time. And they instantly connected. They knew immediately that they were made for each other. Their likes, dislikes, interests, everything matched. They both could spend hours talking with each other. Each date was amazing the movies, the restaurants, the parks. They explored the city together. They, as a couple, were the envy of others.

One weekend evening he went to pick her up. She did not look too well. He asked if she was okay as she sat next to him. She nodded. Then she opened her bag, put her hand inside and got out a tiny bottle.

“What’s that,” he asked?

“Got a migraine,” she replied as she started rubbing the contents of the bottle on her forehead.

The screeched the car to halt.

“What happened?” she asked.

“What’s that you are applying?” he exclaimed.

“Balm,” she said with astonishment.

“Get out!” he screamed.

“What the hell! Why?” she shouted, angry and scared.

“I cannot stand the smell of balm. It gives me the worst migraine ever,” he cried as he gestured her to get out of the car.


And that was the end!


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