Monday, March 7, 2016

Goodnight, buttercup.

As I was putting Ri to bed tonight, after the two favorite bed time stories (Julia and buttercup, and golpoland (made up stories by me)), he said he had a few questions. And these were his questions. (No, I am not getting into the answers. This post is just about the questions.)

When you  grow up will you become an astronaut too because I would want to take you with me in my rocket to Pluto?

Why do astronauts wear helmets on the moon?

How do we breathe?

Why do we have food pipe and wind pipe?

Oxygen and carbon dioxide is funny na... What are lungs?

What is heart?

Why do we have bones?

Why do we have private parts?

Why do women have breast?

When I am 100 years and then a baby again, will I eat breast food from your tummy?

Why do we give my old clothes and half my birthday toys to other children?

Where does money come from?

And then...

Mama do you know who is my favorite best ma’am? More favourite than my school ma'am, it's you!
Love you. Goodnight.

Good night, baby.


  1. "When I am 100 years and then a baby again, will I eat breast food from your tummy?"

    Please explain this.

    1. So I have told him that people die when they are 100 years old. I did that because he had started asking people, 'Are you old? Are you going to be a star soon?' That was getting a little embarrassing.

      Now he kind of decided in his head that once when people become a 100 years they become stars and then they go back to their mothers tummy. (I have obviously not tried to change that thought being a Karan Arjun fan myself) And he thinks that babies get their food from their mothers breast even when they are in the tummy. because all baby food is stored there is what I had told him.

  2. Home education. You were right maybe at one point. That's champ all right.

  3. I would have loved to answer why do we have bones and what are lungs.. And how oxygen and carbon dioxide are funny.. It's awesome how he can come up with so many questions! Ri is my favorite kid in this entire world!


    1. You are free to call him up one of these days and explain it to him. :D

  4. What a delightful post, warm greetings to you and best wishes!

  5. smart boy !! remind me of my younger son when he was around 4 years old, his granny told him how his late- Grandfather (my FIL) used to lie down on the day there was one guest, an old gentleman, who was lying down on the same divan and my son told him ( matter-o-factly) "my grandfather used to lie down here and he died" X_X

    1. Hahahaha. That must have freaked the gentleman out. :D


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