Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A normal conversation and a lesson about rules.

SSM: So, how was the flight?

Me: Oh, good. Finished reading an awesome book. I'll tell you about it.

SSM: Alright. And did you eat something good on the flight.

Me: Well, thanks to you, I had to have upma and masala tea.

SSM: Thanks to me? What do you mean, thanks to me?

Me: I asked you to web check me in on seat no 6A!

SSM: So? It wasn't available! What has that got to do anything with you eating upma.

Me: If I was on 6A I would have eaten the grilled chicken with rosemary and caramelised onion sandwich, and a manchow soup.

SSM: So that got over by the time the tray reached you?

Me: No, they still had it!

SSM: So??? Okay, I know where this is going. This is not gonna make any sense. I know it. But tell me anyway.

Me: As a rule I only have the grilled chicken with rosemary and caramelised onion sandwich, and the manchow soup when I am on 6A. Any other seat and I will eat upma and drink masala chai.

SSM: ????

Me: It is a rule. My rule. I live by that rule.

SSM: So even if you feel like not eating upma, you still will?

Me: Yes! That is what rules are for. You follow them.

SSM: Nonsense!

Me: No wonder you are so undisciplined.

SSM: I am sorry we even had this conversation. Lets stop talking for a while.

Me: Okay. But next time remember... 6A.


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha.....Awww this is so cute <3
    Love you so much, Diptee di.

  2. hmm it was confusing,you din't had cuz you din't get 6a??? i have a rule ,only veg when am travelling.so these days they are serving upma on indigo,when i took indigo from kolkota,they gave menu which had samosas,sandwiches,some junk food.

    1. No. Nothing confusing about it. :)

      Yes. If your rule is to have veg then you should definitely try the upma on an indigo flight. It is pretty nice.

  3. ruleआके गया सपना मेराApril 27, 2016 at 9:54 AM

    आपकी उपमा आप खुद हैं।

    1. Dear, rule 'AK' gaya sapnaa mera. Bilkul bilkul. Thank you.

  4. Ermmm...okay. Got that. I think.

    1. Thank God you got it. Thank God SOMEONE got it!


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