Thursday, March 9, 2017

The unforgivable curse


He walked out of the famous tea shop in Dakshinapan holding the packet of his wife's favourite tea. He thought he saw someone familiar as he walked out. He stopped and turned around. Yes, it was K. He enjoyed K's acquaintance. He liked K. K hadn't noticed him yet, but he knew K would be happy to see him. He smiled and stepped forward to call out to K. But then, then he stopped. He paused, he frowned, and then he turned and walked away.

And somewhere far away, in a city that was taken over by dementors, a dark wizard smiled. His Imperius curse had worked. He could control the lives of his followers. He could break them, he could mould their minds, he could keep them away from the ones whom they liked.


  1. Kejriwal??

    If I'm correct, I know who the wizard is :p

    Do drop by mine. Wrote a poem about corporates.


    1. Erm... I will let you keep guessing. :D

      I will surely drop in to your blog. :)


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