Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mothers day!

It was Mothers day on Sunday... It was also the day when the maid decided to go on a week long holiday... So yeah a very happy mothers day to HER. 

Ri was sweet. He made this real cute bookmark for me. 

As much as I loved the gesture I must say that I was a tiny bit disappointed because he said he added the white hair because well... Mama you are growing old and getting white hair anyway... Also because he cut off the white hair from my lovely troll figurine. But we'll... I love the gesture. 

It was a good mothers day with the weather suddenly behaving itself and making it pleasent for all of us. I spent some good time sitting and watching the rain and watching Ri and Rai watch the rain.

Have I told you about Rai. Well she is a nutcase. 
Age: 4 months. 
Breed: Lab Ret.
Favourite playmate: The bucket.
Favourite chew toy: Underwear.
Favourite food: everything edible and non edible. Especially wood and sponge and cushion fillings and slippers...

That is all about Rai. She makes my life complete.

So I quit my job, started an online quilt shop, got a furbaby... My life now feels complete. Almost. I still wait for my farm house and chicken coop. But that is a faaaar away dream. :D

‌But seriously... This moment... This very moment seems perfect. (Except the maid on leave.) We shall see what tomorrow brings.

‌I will get back to my sewing machine now.

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