Stories - short and very short

I make stories and here are some of them. So grab a cup of coffee; click on any of the stories listed below and enjoy.

Somewhere in Transylvania (Fantasy)
And that was the end (Flash)
Hatred (Flash) (Fan Fiction - HP)
In search of the room on the roof (Flash)
Tu mere agal bagal hai... (Flash)
M and S  (Fantasy)
Trapped (A guest post for The Whitescape (Fantasy)
Friends (110)
A rainy day (110)
The broken bridge - A story with two endings (Fantasy)
Blame it on... Revisited (Not fantasy)
The Dream Worker  (Fantasy)
Orangutan (Fantasy)
The Cheat (110)
Coffee (Flash)
Mr. Black's curse (Fantasy) (Fan fiction - HP)
Pidstu (Fantasy)
A Christmas Romance  (Not fantasy)
Escape (Fantasy)
Them  (Not fantasy)
Dance  (Not fantasy)
Meera  (Not fantasy)
That day  (Not fantasy)
The Ghost (Fantasy)
Blame it on  (Not fantasy)
Regular man  (Not fantasy)
The Woman  (Not fantasy)
Moment of truth  (Not fantasy)
Fair to life  (Not fantasy)
Strange  (Not fantasy)


  1. randomness+ fantasies+ sudden not so sudden turn of events+grammar + unreal choice of words+ more unreal placement of those words+ dipteeness= DIPTEE blogs very much here.

  2. Which one would you recommend for a sample of ur writing style?

    1. Any one. You could try read one of the later ones like M&S or Ookleeboo.


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