Sunday, July 1, 2012

Moment of Truth

He was listening to the rain on the taxi roof watching the rain drops trickle down the wind shield. He had the windows rolled down in spite of the vigorous protests from the taxi driver. But he liked it that way the cold wind and the rain lashing against his face. The radio in the taxi was playing “aane wala pal…jaane wala hai” from Golmal. As he listened to the song his thoughts drifted to yesterday…

He was sitting in front of his laptop at work checking his gmail when the gtalk request had suddenly popped up, Angel_Face. He had smiled and accepted the request. Well he didn’t normally accept such random friend requests but ‘Angel_Face’ had kind of made him smile after a long time.

Angel_Face:  Hi Hpe I dnt dstrb u. J

Its_Sat:  No you didn’t, but I am very uncomfortable with the chatting/SMS lingo. So it will be nice if you don’t use it.

Angel_Face:  oh ok sure… so you are from Kolkata ha…

Angel_Face:  I got to know that from your facebook account... It was very interesting… that’s why I sent you this face request.

Its_Sat: J Thanks. Yes I am from Kolkata. Are you also from Kolkata?

Angel_Face: Oh no… Me… I am from Delhi… oh and my name is Sandhya. And you are Satyaki…J … The same name as the cute guys in Kahaani… J…. Oh how I loved the movie.

Its_Sat: J Yes. It sure was a wonderful movie.

Angel_Face: Is Kolkata really that beautiful

Its_Sat: Yes

Angel_Face: Is Durga Puja always soooo colourful… Oh it looked beautiful. I really wish to come to Kolkata during the Durga Pujas

Its_Sat: Yes

Angel _Face: Am I disturbing you

Its_Sat: No

Angel_Face: Are you always so serious…

Its_Sat: umm No

Its_Sat: J Do you always talk so much

Angel_Face: J

Its_Sat: J

And thus he had chatted with her all day long. Well not chatted, once he got comfortable he had poured his heart and soul into her. She was fun, witty, she made him laugh, and she had made him feel like he had known her all his life. He told her all about his childhood, his interests, his passions, his girlfriends and breakups… and then how two days ago he had lost his job under the pretentious name of recession. How he had a months’ notice to serve where he had to get himself another job. How he hadn’t told anyone at home about it. How his parents, to whom he was the model son, would collapse if they knew he had lost his job. How he was so depressed he didn’t know what to do.  And she had been there. She had counseled him, had given him the confidence to face his parents, to face the world. She had made him believe that he was not a loser, that, it was not the end of the world. That he was capable enough to get another job soon… very soon. His parents loved him and they would understand. She had just been there. She was just what he had needed.

That evening back home he had spoken to his parents. They had understood. It was a big load off his heart. He had felt extremely relieved. That night, he stayed awake, all night and thought about her. He smiled as he did so. She was so pleasing, so full of life, and how glad he was that she had entered his life. He would share his mobile number with her tomorrow. He had to speak to her. She had changed his life in just a day. He realized that in indulging himself into her, there was hardly anything that knew about her. He smiled and thought that he would get to know her better.

Next day he got ready very early and rushed to work. She wasn’t online. He kept waiting all day long. Sometime towards the evening she came online.

Its_Sat: Hi, was waiting to chat up with you all day long.

Angel_Face: Sry, but do I kno u

Its_Sat: Sandhya, It’s me, Satyaki, We chatted all day yesterday…

Angel_Face: I m nt sandhya..

Its_Sat: But….
Angel_face  is offline. You can still send this person messages and they will receive them the next time they are online

Aane wala pal…jaane walaa hai… ho sake toh isme jindagi bitado… pal jo ye jaane wala hai…
It’s was all about the moment… that had passed.


  1. Told you. Uncomplicated. Yet elegant. Nice read.

  2. Interesting, and brilliant as usual!!!

  3. Very Interesting.. Really liked it..

    1. All of us keep finding "Angel_face" at times when we really need one. I guess that's what keeps us going :)

  4. Anonymity opens hearts :)
    Nicely written, sis.

  5. I guess what you know..I am in the path of discovery..but anonymity is not my style..wonderfully put super like.:)

    1. Innerspace... :) you are in the path of "living life" ... thanks for the nice words...

  6. Seriously u should think about writing mystery stories more often. Itt somehow blends with your style.

  7. Odbhut bhalo laglo


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