Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's today my special day!

I woke up this morning singing this:

It is the only song that comes to my mind when I think of birthday. No it is not because it is cute. Rather, it is extremely annoying but it is a song that I listen to every single day.   

Well, motherhood. Sigh! Test me on any episode of Chhota Bhim or any show on Baby TV and I would win it hands down.

I usually have a 99% hit rate on birthday resolutions. From my last year’s resolutions the only one I did not achieve was to learn to drive the car. Wait! That was the only resolution I had last year! Damn! 

Anyway, no more resolutions this year. No, there is one - I will spend less time on Facebook. Seriously. Absolutely serious. I swear!

So back to the more important thing… IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY. I totally love my birthday.

 A hug, a kiss and a wish from Ri makes it even more special. And then a wonderful gift from SSM – A CD with a collection of my favourite songs sung by SSM and Ri bring in tears to my eyes.

And that is when I decide that I will dedicate my birthday post this year to all the gifts I got. :D
Yeah, yeah! I know you've read it all on my Facebook. Stop sniggering!

So this awesome trilogy that Soumya sent, came in as a lovely surprise! I was really touched.

And then I got this anonymous package with four Miss. Marple movies. I was thrilled beyond words in believing that I had a secret admirer. I did get to know later who sent it. L And no, it was not a secret admirer. But, I obliviated the memory of who gave it to me and I will keep believing for the rest of my life that it indeed was a secret admirer.

My bestie and soul sister, D gave me this lovely saree and opal earrings. I just love saying opal earrings because I really do not know what opal means. But that is what it is – Opal and silver earrings.

The saree and the earrings given by D

Disha Doshi made my day at work this morning by gifting me this old, old, OLD awesomeness named Heathcliff and totally frame worthy newspaper write-up on the 100 years of Indian cinema.

Stu gave this lovely jute bag and a pair of earrings. 

She also promised to apply florescent orange nail polish on my finger nails.Here's a picture of the nails. I would one day write an entire post on Stu's nails and nail art. They are always extremely intriguing.
freaky orange nails
And then there was the cake and all those hugs and more awesomeness.  

So now, I am just going to go ahead and publish this post. If there is any more excitement and more gifts I am just going to update it here.

The blank space below is for more gift update.  (Gosh, optimism should be my middle name. But that is how I am, a little freaky on birthday days. I shall get back to being normal tomorrow.)

< The writing in a different colour means that this has been updated later - Here is a lovely gift by Jit - a book and a sweet little note that says chocolate is not fattening on your birthday. Sigh!  - Thanks a ton. 

But seriously, if there is something that really need to thank the Universe for, it is the awesome lot of family and friends who totally grin sheepishly at my craziness and spoil me rotten!

Love you all. Happy Birthday to me! :D

PS - I am 33 today! Just saying!
PPS - Pink is the newest favourite colour :|


  1. happy 33rd crazy little dipteedii!!! :) much much n much love to u today! <3

    1. But the pink blouse and the saree man!! Also, Katniss!! Mindblowing....takes all the attention from the ugly nails.

  2. Awww! what a lovely post this is. Lovely gifts and lovely you! (Oh and yes, I always thought I had the ugliest nails in the world. I lose to you. Hands down)

  3. aww.. happy birthday dipi di. :)

  4. happy birthday diptee ;) :) have a gr8 year ahead :) thats one lovely post :)

    1. Thanks, Sachin. Welcome to my blog! :)

  5. You lucky girl, you! What a happy post to read. Wishing you a super duper birthday and you look GREAT!

  6. Happy happy birthday to you , di!! I absolutely love that picture of you in that saree!! and I don't find those nails the teeniest bit freakish...they look quite pretty to me ^_^

  7. Everybody loves you Didi, everybody! :')

    1. I knowwwww! And I love everybody!

  8. You hot momma! Happy birthday and may this year bring you lots n lots of awesomeness :)

  9. Happy Happy Birthday!! and what exactly is 'OPAL'?
    Orange freaky nails do look good :D

    1. Thanks. OPAL apparently is a blue-green-blue stone according to google. but i care less. i just like saying it is an OPAL earring. :D

      Not sure about the orange freaky nails looking good, but i do like watching them on the keyboard as i type this. :D

  10. hot mommy ... feeling "j" for silver earrings .. but must say awesome gifts ..:)

  11. Looks like an awesome birthday. Super cool. Belated birthday wishes. :)


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