Saturday, July 12, 2014

This is love!

Ri: Mama, dekho, Baba Tiggu and Ri Tiggu. ( he calls his Tiggers, Tiggu or Tiggy)

Mama: Wow! Awesome, Ri.

Ri: BabaTiggu Ri Tiggu ke koley nie achhe. Ora love korche. (Baba Tiggu is carrying Ri Tiggu in his arms. They are doing love)

Mama: Shottyi toh! Achha, Ri, love maane ki jaano. (That's right. But do you know what love means)

Ri: Hmm. Jani toh. (Hmm, I do know)

Mama: Ki? (What?)

Ri: Love maane 'muah' (Love means 'muah' - he blows a kiss)

Mama: okay.

Ri: Baba ke dekhe Ami happy hoye jaayi na - ota love. (The way I feel happy when I see Baba - that is love)

Mama smiles.

After a few seconds...

Ri: Mama.

Mama: hmm, bolo.

Ri: Love maane bhalo baasha.


  1. Ri Tiggu'r jonno amar oneeeeek bhalobasha!! :D

  2. I'm telling you Diptee di, you just brace yourself for all the 'bhalobasha's that Ri is going to get from his female-following in the future! :)

  3. Diptee di, Ri is so adorable! ^_^
    I love you both!!! <3 One adorable conversation this was! :D

  4. That was totally awwwwwww! :) <3

  5. Ri Tiggu - he is just so adorable. I guess it must be a great realization everytime - the child's innocent wisdom!


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