Monday, August 11, 2014

When will people understand creativity?

I was sitting on the bed, reading. That is when SSM walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. (No, this is not an erotic post.) And then the following conversation took place.

SSM: You know, a funny thing just happened and I have a feeling you might have an explanation for it.

I looked up from the book and raised my eyebrows.

SSM: I had a bath and then I was wrapping the towel around my waist when I noticed that the towel does not seem to cover me up right. Please explain.

Me: Oh that; I cut it up.

SSM: You, what?

Me:  I cut up the towel. And you are right it is not covering you up properly. The thigh look sexy.

SSM: (with a deep breath) Why would you cut my towel?

Me: I needed it.

SSM: For what?

Me: To make a cover for the weighing scale.

SSM: Why my towel? And why on earth does the weighing scale need a cover. I mean you don’t even use the damn weighing scale.

Me: Exactly my point. Because I do not use it, it needs to be taken care of and hence the cover. And your towel was nice and soft; just exactly right for the weighing scale.

SSM: That makes no sense.

Me: It will once you see the cover... Check this out

SSM: Fat to Fit! How innovative!

Me: You know I am bad with blog titles. Stop sneering.

SSM: This is not a blog. What is wrong with you?

I grunted and got back to my book. SSM walked to the wardrobe.

SSM: Hey I can’t find my grey trousers.

Me: Do you ever find anything around the house.

SSM: No, seriously, I can’t find them.

Me: Oh, the grey one?

SSM: Yes

Me: The one you look really good in.

SSM: Seriously? You never told me that.

Me: Well, Yes, you did look very good in them

SSM: Did? You said that in past tense?

Me: Erm, the grey trousers… I cut 'em up.


Me: You know I saw this really awesome quilt design made out of old trousers. It was awesome. I just had to make it.

SSM: Those were not old trousers. They were good ones.

Me: Exactly, they will make a good quilt.

SSM: You are insane

Me: I know. Erm… by the way, I also cut up your brown trouser.


Me: Relax. You will not be upset once you get a glimpse of the quilted bed sheet that I am making.

SSM: What the hell is that? Who is ever going to sleep on that?

Me: Arre, it is not made yet. This is just a bit of it. It will look awesome once made. And anyway one does not sleep on a bed sheet. One sleeps on a bed cover. (The last line was not part of the conversation but just a few days ago I went shopping for bed sheets, with a friend and that is where I learnt the difference between a bed sheet and a bedcover. So, I am just showing off my newly acquired knowledge. Ha!) 

SSM: Are you mad? ARE YOU MAD? ARE. YOU. MAD?

Me: Relax! Why are you getting so worked up? You have enough trousers and you will be buying more during Pujas. Come to think of it, I don’t have a single trouser in my wardrobe.

SSM: Yes, you don’t. And that is because... you do not wear them!

Me: I could wear a trouser if I had one.

SSM: (with a deep sigh) There is no point talking to you!

ME: You know, that towel is really not covering you up!


  1. Hhahhahaha you are sooooo cute. :D
    This was crazy ... Oh, I loved the cover :)

  2. I thought Poo was Vedi... But you just snatched the title from her. ROFLMAO!

    1. Poo has become sane. I had to take over. :D

  3. hahahahahaha...I hope he learns :P
    But I loved the fat to fit one.
    How innovative indeed!

  4. Hahahahahahahahaha... so much of laughing is heard in my bedroom right now at 12 am. My laugh, of course.

  5. I do not approve of this. I sympathise with SSM. He is a very patient man.

  6. ROFL! Had me cracking up like crazy at office. I even let out a loud burp , just after lunch you see, excuse me! :$
    Creatively hilarious post !!! :D

    1. Loud burps are good! Keep burping! :D :D and welcome to my blog.

  7. I loved this post. Haha poor SSM Da! :D

  8. Hilarious ! Of course, I'm sure I'd be in SSM's state if my better half decided to get "creative" - *Makes note never to show her this post* :)

    1. Yes, do not show this to your wife. I can be a very bad influence. :D Welcome to my blog.

  9. Haha..... I hope he is not keeping his things under lock and key.... :-P

  10. So cute.. I must say he is really patient. The cover is really cute.

  11. Ha ha..Very creative...

  12. You keep on cutting trousers, pretty soon he'll be cutting ties.

    1. Taar aage i shall be cutting neck ties... Loads to cut before he cuts the ties.


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