Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Paper Boat - Drinks and memories - A review and more.

Have you heard of Paper Boat? They make drinks - nice, juicy, natural drinks.

Well a long long time ago I got an email from them to review their drinks. I usually do not agree to review products but their mail was full of wit and humour. It made me laugh and so, I agreed. They promised to send me drinks soon... but that did not happen.

Then many days later they sent another email - a witty, humourous one again - saying that there was a delay and they will be sending me the drinks soon. I agreed again and this time they did send me the drinks.

I had drinks; enjoyed them; even photographed them. But I forgot to review them. Yep. I really did mean to review them but I kept putting it off to another day till I forgot.

And then, last week, I got a package from Paper Boat. This.

Three men in a boat - the book and a lovely note with it

Damn them! Trust those guys to make me feel horribly guilty, about not having reviewed them, in such a lovely way... Brutal!


So here is the review.

I was impressed the way those cute little (not really little - 250 ml is not little) bottles were sent to me. In this lovely orange jute bag. (I use it to store legos now. I shall check if they can send in more -jute bags, not legos)
Cute bottles and the orange jute bag

There were six of them. Six amazing flavours:
Imli (a reminder of the times when I would climb tress sit atop and suck on them - the imlis)
Jaljeera (life saviour - always)
Jamun Kala Khatta (memories of slurrping on golas while walking back from school)
Golgappe ka paani ( :) )
Amras (Alphonsos and Bombay)
Aam panna (heaven and nothing less).

Ha, aren't you salivating already? Don't those names bring back those lovely memories of hot summer vacations playing outside all afternoon and getting back home to gulp some of that awesomeness.

Trust me I had that exact same feeling as I opened them and took that first sip. They were all awesome. They all had that traditional ghar ka swaad.

Literature, sure to make you nostalgic.

Read that? How could one not love them?

And my favourite would be the Aam Paana. These guys are a natural there. It's the first time that I have got close to tasting Aam paana the way my mother makes it. And she makes the best aam panna in the entire world! So there - THAT is a HUGE compliment!

Go Ahead and try them out. all of them, especially Aam panna. Try them to relive some best memories of your childhood.

Also they have great packaging and great literature there on it. So read whats written behind while you sip on your drink.

Believe me, these guys are good.


Thank you, Hector Beverages, for letting me try these amazing flavours from Paper Boat for free. And thanks a ton for the book. :)

Read more about them here - http://paperboatdrinks.com/

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