Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First Brush On The Canvas.

I am getting published! 

Wow! That seemed way better than what it seemed when I said it in my head!

The cover of our book.

First brush on the canvas. How lovely does that sound. Seriously, people. I am on seventh heaven.

Although it is one little story in a book of fourteen stories, just the thought of my story, in print, in a book, in a bookstore.... OMG, I am hyperventilating again.

Seriously, it is like a dream come true.

And I really want you all to be a part of this dream with me. 

So please click on this link right now and pre order it. Now. Buy it for yourself, buy it as a gift for someone, and buy it because it means a lot to me and to all the other wonderful writers who are a part of this book. You are not going to regret reading this amazing mix of Romance, Comedy and Thrill.

And guess what. Be kind and pre order now to get a lifetime of dreams involving unicorns and cute kittens. Now, who does not want that!?

Though I do not know all the writers personally, I do know one - Abhishek Mukherjee is a very dear friend and a mentor. He was kind enough to proof read my story. Thank you. He is one awesome writer and his story in the book is splendid.

The book has been edited by Priyanka Roy Banerjee and trust me that would have been one hell of a job. Thank you so much, PRB, you are a great friend. She is easily one of the best editors we know of, a great writer and book reviewer too.

And thanks, of course to Writersmelon for giving us, aspiring authors, such a wonderful chance. Check more about them, the book, and the authors here.

But above all, thanks to SSM and RI. They are the ones who don't just bear with my madness but they add on to it. They are the ones who give me my stories. :)


  1. am equally glad and proud of your achievements!! pre-ordered.. wish i could get it autographed by you..


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