Thursday, November 19, 2015

How Paperboat added awesomeness to my Diwali

No, Paperboat has not asked me to write this post. But I will, because I love those guys.

So a long time ago, this is what happened. They sent me drinks to review. I enjoyed the drinks but forgot to review. Then they sent me a book - the lovely - Three men in a Boat. So I felt very warm and a little guilty and I reviewed them.

All this was a long time ago.

And now suddenly this arrived at my mail a week before Diwali and had me jumping with joy.

Happy box

A tin box loaded with awesomeness
The moment I opened the box, the awesome scent of the hay got me totally heady. The box contained two post cards, a magnet, two laddoos and two packs of their newest drink, Anar. Also a lovely letter.

The whole presentation was so festive and warm that it instantly took me to my childhood. I that is what their idea was - the tin box was supposed to make you nostalgic

Click on the picture to enlarge it and read those lovely words.

And the Anar drink. I havent had anything so delicious and refreshing for a long long time. The laddoos were yum too.

And the tin box. well that obviously has snuggled itself in my sewing shelf.

adding to my beautiful clutter

Thank you Paperboat guys. Thanks for adding that smile to my Diwali. :)


Read more about them here -


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