Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Brown paper packages tied up with strings...


These guys literally sweep me off my feet. Well, okay, not literally. They would end up with a broken back if they did that. And that wouldn’t be nice because I will not get any more goodies from them. Oh. My. God. They have spoilt me and I don’t want the goodies to stop coming.

It is nothing but sheer joy when at the end of a tiring day the security guard rings your doorbell and hands you a brown paper package tied up with string. You just know that it has to be one of your favourite things inside.

And out comes a note that fills you with warmth and nostalgia along with a book. A favourite book. A book you lapped up when you were a kid and had been meaning to read again for years now.

Oh Happiness!

Thank you, Paper Boat people. Just don’t stop being awesome. Ever.


More about what they gave me here and here.

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