Thursday, May 19, 2016

I am not promoting Paperboat, but I love them.

Me: Hey we forgot to taste the Paperboat guava drink. Let’s try it now.

SSM: Okay

We sip it

SSM: hmmm a bit like paaka pyara (ripe guava) na, with mirchi!?

Me: It is not. It is like kacha pakka peru (Not so raw not so ripe guava) with mirchi.

SSM: It is OKAY!

Me: It is OKAY with the first sip. Gets better as you keep sipping it. Try.

SSM: Yeah, you are right. It is good.

Me: Reminds me of the pink peru we used to it when we were kids. I don’t think they grow them anymore. Sigh.

SSM: (sipping) hmmm.

Me: Hey, check this out… you can actually suck it in while keeping your head straight. You don’t have to roll your head back to take a gulp. This is so cool!

SSM: How does that matter?

Me: Of course it matters. This is like the whole things is a huge straw. It is like magic.

SSM: Sigh, it is science.

Me: Oh, Shut up. This is the awesomest thing ever. (awesomest should be a word) I mean you could be reading a book and drinking this. But you don’t have to shift your glance away to take a sip. You can just read and suck at the same time. You don’t even have to pour it in a glass and use a straw anymore.

SSM: When do you ever use a glass and a straw to drink something while reading!?

Me: I don’t, but I could. And now I don’t have to. I have to tell the Paperboat guys about my wonderful realisation about their bottles. They should totally send me free drinks for bringing out this super USP for their product.

SSM: They do that anyway, weirdo!

Me: That’s true too. Yeah. But I love the Paperboat guys. 


In the meanwhile, check this awesome little short film that they have come out with. :)


  1. certain fruits are good to eat and taste great too. certain fruits are great as a drink and not so tasty to eat. mangoes ,apples,guava belong to former category. orange,sweet lime,grapes belong to latter category.

    when we were kids,we used to mix red chilli powder and salt in 1:2 ratio and used to eat with lil raw guava and pineapples. they used to taste great when you eat that way. paperboat may have applied same logic from childhood nostalgia to make that drink and also derived their name from boats kids used to make with paper during rainy season. i had guava and mango drink but it din't give me the same taste or feeling of my childhood. as i said,some fruits are not tasty as a drink. mango natural icecreams,they are just yummiest and sweet lime juice,thats king of juices. hmm it's my personal opinion. :)


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