Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Best Holiday Ever!

Five countries in ten days! Sounds crazy, right! Well that is what we did! AND IT TURNED OUT TO BE THE BEST HOLIDAY EVER!

It all started on an evening after a frustrating day at work. This was last month. Both SSM and I groaned and cribbed and kept saying that we need a break. So we started planning a holiday. To Gangtok, and then Himalayas, and then I don't know how but we started talking of Norway. And we decided that we had to go to Norway. A week later we were at the Visa office.

We had made up an itinerary after reading exactly three travelling blogs, to be submitted at the Visa office. We had no idea how we were planning this. Rather, we were not planning it at all. And then by the time the Visa came in we realised that we had two week before we traveled, we had no tickets, and we had no plan.

And so while we were not really for it, we started rummaging packaged tours and decided on one finally.

And it wasn't bad. Hectic? Yes. Satisfying? Hell, yes!

We visited Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm, Oslo, Bergen and Copenhagen. And we had a BLAST!

We got the best weather. We got snow and rain and sun and quilt shops! And we got to see what heaven looks like. And I won't write anymore. The pictures will say it all. <3 p="">
Sculpture at Oslo

Flowers everywhere

What dreams are made of! Norway

The houses and Fjords, Norway

Heaven in Norway

The houses in Bergen

I wish I lived in this. Bergen

Houses in Bergen

The Cherry Tree


Paradise in Oslo

More flowers

The Cathedral in Helsinki

This seagull who loved the camera. Tallinn

An haunted castle at Tallinn. (Because almost everything here is haunted)



  1. Wow! I definitely wanna make this trip some day!

    1. You should. Let me know if you need help. :)

  2. Wow! Your photos are absolutely stunning, they will make such a stunning reminder of your wonderful trip xx

    1. Wheee! Thanks for the comment, Josie. I am a big fan of your work!
      Yes, it was a wonderful trip. :)

  3. Touche. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the amazing work.


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