Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Published Again!

There was a time when I used to dream about being published. And then Writersmelon happened. They came up with a contest of short stories; I sent in my entry; and I got published. And it seemed wonderful.

And then they cam back with another contest. This time I sent in a last minute entry, without any hope. (Okay some hope, because I had really liked the story I submitted.) (Yeah okay, eye-roll as much as you like. I do enjoy my writing. Hmph!) So, well, this one got selected too and that is how... here I present... JUKEBOX  paparaparaaaaa!

Isn't it a lovely cover?!

Jukebox has a collection of some wonderful stories. Stories that will make you laugh, and cry, and scared, and feel silly, and whole lot of other emotions. It has stories written by some of the best writers I know of. And I know that because all of them write with passion and not with the aim of their writing being included a school textbook.

All the wonderful authors

So now I want you wonderful people to CLICK HERE. and go buy a copy of Jukebox. Buy it for yourself, buy it for gifting, or buy it because you like to buy books as home decor. JUST GO BUY IT!

And enjoy my story. And others too. But mainly mine. And let me know how you like it. :)
How cool is that!

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