Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Three Conversations - One topic - Astronomy it is!

Ri and I are sitting at the dinner table, talking.

Ri: Mama, Mucky mucky is brown and seres is white, right?

Me: Umm, Who are these guys, some characters in a cartoon you have been watching?

Ri: (pause) (hard stare) Mama, they are the other planets in the Solar System!

Me: No, baby. Remember the Sun and the eight planets are what makes the solar system.

Ri: Na, Ma. There are five dorf planets in the solar system, Muckymucky, Seres, Eris, Pluto and Hameya. Also, Mama, It was because of Muckymucky that Pluto had to go out of the solar system.
And also there asteroids between Mars and Jupiter.

He had my attention now. This was new. I had no idea what he was talking about.

Me: Okay, let’s google it. (yeah, kick me hard for not believing him)

I googled for five dorf (turned out to be dwarf) planets, and there they were – Eris, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, Ceres. And a proud mama I was!

That boy sure makes a wonderful teacher J <3 o:p="">


Another time... another conversation...

Ri: Mama, I can't wait to be an astronaut

Me: Well, That is great. Remember, you will have to study a lot to become an astronaut.

Ri: A lot of science?

Me: Yep, a whole lot of science.

Ri: As much as what Baba studies?

Me: Umm... Much more than what Baba studies.


Ri: As much as what Robi Dadu (Rabindranath Tagore) studied.

Me: (smiling) I guess so.

That boy sure has some parameters. :D

SSM was happy when he heard this - He said he feels 'arrived' in life if his son is placing him just below Robi Dadu. (rolls eyes)


And yet another time and another conversation.

Ri: Mama, I know what I want to be in life...

Me: And what is it?

Ri: A phuchka wala.

Me: That is lovely, Ri. You can be whatever you want. But I thought you wanted to be an Astronaut.

Ri: Yes.

Me: Then?

Ri: I will be an astronaut. I will go and find Pluto. I will get Pluto back into the Solar System. And then I will sell phuchkas on Pluto.

And that boy sure does have his priorities set right!


  1. when you are a kid,most of them go through this.that's normal kid behavior. kids like something that amazes them and most of unknown things amaze them and they try to be that cuz of innocence and lack of clarity about reality.

    some kids want to be driver after watching their school bus driver steering the wheel,some want to become police cuz they think to beat up bad guys is cool . when i was kid,i wanted to become superman and ias and doctor.when people asked me how i can do all the three things,then i told them that after doing mbbs i would write ias and do part-time job as superman.i was really fond of superman and i wanted to grow stronger than superman.

    as you grow up,you keep getting clarity in life and will get more realistic with time but you still want to become superman in dreams or by some magic. childhood is like that and it remains same for every kid for infinite generations. :-)

  2. I quite like the post. Great Mama,great Rihu

  3. Totally Vi ka Bhai. The other day at the SGNP overnight camp, Vi and another kid had this intense conversation about which one was the 10th planet. And then they both went to the astronomy guide who declared that both were right since they named two different dwarf planets. And honestly, I was completely clueless. They absorb so much information these days, and then bounce it off us. Can get tiring at times.
    As for ambitions, we have 3 career options right now: Car mechanic, Zoo keeper/ dolphin trainer (I keep telling her 'Forest Ranger', or 'Wildlife Ninja') and of course, astronaut.

    1. It runs in the family! :D I agree, they really grasp a lot. And I agree it gets annoying too. I mean... Planets is all we talk about all day long these days. So much that he even makes up songs about them :D

      Zoo keeper! I like that! And wildlife ninja too!

  4. Diptee that's makes an awesome story (truelufe)

  5. Thank you. And welcome to my blog. :)


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