Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Don't give up on fishes! They are super!

Vanyllope! The day he came home. Isn't he gorgeous!? 

Last year after we lost Nick, we got a new fish. We got Vanyllope (Named after Ri’s favourite character from Wreck-it-Ralph) on 5th of December last year. Ri wanted a fish that looked exactly like Nick and Vany did look like him, except for the lovely blue shine that he (yes, Vanyllope is a boy fish) had all over him.

Vany has been a pretty happy fish, blowing bubbles, swimming away. And very soon he won my heart they way Nick had.

Last weekend I noticed him lying at the bottom of his jar. I tapped on the jar; no movement. I moved the jar, no movement again. I noticed that he hadn’t eaten his food either. I thought he died and I was really, really upset. But then I saw him feebly move his fins and swim a bit.

Vany looked different. He had lost all of that beautiful blue shine. He seemed all bloated and his eyes were bulging out.

Have you seen a fish so sad!?

SSM said he wouldn’t live anymore.

Unfortunately we do not have fish doctors around here.

I googled up the symptoms and most of them said that it could either be an infection or the fish was constipated. Well, I couldn’t just sit there and watch Vany die, so I did the sanest thing I could think of. I know, I know, sane and me do not go well together, anyway.

So the first thing was to change the infected water. Then I picked up Vany in a ladle (Poor thing so so unwell that he wasn’t even trying to struggle out of the spoon. I then took some gripe water in a dropper and fed a couple of drops to him. (Non-alcoholic gripe water)

I place him back in the jar with the fresh water and then I added a tiny bit of the powder from a Becosules capsule into the water. Because, well, B-complex = energy. And that is what Vany needed.

That was it. I had tried. Now it was just about waiting and watching. I kept checking on him every few minutes. Nothing. He seemed the same. Ri seemed worried too. He kept saying, that Vany is old and is going to die. He also wrote an entry in his diary about Vany.

Ri's diary entry - 'Vany is not well. She is a grandma now. Vany is old. We had given her gripe water and we had changed the water.' There is a picture of Vany lying on a bed there.
Next morning, first thing, I rushed to check on Vany. He was still down but seemed a little less bloated. Also the water was all hazy. I woke SSM and shouted, “OH MY GOD! Look what’s happening! Vany has been majorly farting hazy stuff!

SSM woke up with a start and screamed back, “WTF! Are you out of your mind”
Well, obviously Vany farting hazy gas was not a big deal for the man.

Anyway, I changed the hazy water again and gave Vany some fresh water. He refused to eat again today. But a few hours later I noticed that he was slowly swimming about a bit and sitting on the V of the plant in the jar to rest before going back to the bottom.

By the day end the bloating had come down.

Started moving about a bit
Next Day Vany was not bloated anymore but the colour was not back yet. No food again

The day after, Vany did eat a bit.

A day later, the shine did come back a bit.

Vany was fine.

He has been fine since the last two day. Eating his food fine. Not yet as active as he used to be. He does not flare his fins either when I show him a finger. Not show him a finger the way you show you finger to idiots. You do not do that to fishes. I mean, when I point a finger to him.

So he does not flare his fins when I do that anymore, yet, but that could just be because he realises now that I am his mommy.  


  1. Fish are okay but I like birds better. Once when I was a kid I went dressed up as stork to a fancy dress competition. It was very much fun because everyone thought I was snow man but I was stork and I explained to them that I was stork. Then they asked me for baby, I do not know why. I did not no that passing gas can make water hazy. I really like writing but you should say passing gas instead of f*** because you are a lady after all. A lady with a fish.

    1. So the ladies in your life pass gas while the guys fart, is it? Because in my life, everyone farts!

      Farting hazy stuff may make water hazy. You may try, just don't try it in a public pool.

      Next time you dress as a stork, remember to carry a baby along.

  2. is this some kinda conspiracy. someone wrote some filthy comment with my name.playing mind games will never make people better.people should have guts to take on people directly.i really really hate cowards.my last comment.

    1. Whaat! OMG. That wasn't my Alex? By my, I mean the regular one on my blog, Alex? THAT IS HORRIBLE, MR. FAKE ALEX!

      You, Alex, the real one. You stay on, alright?

    2. Madam Dip-Tea I am the real alex. I have been commenting on your blog every post. This is not fair. I am a fan of your blog. You should not insult your fans.Other commenter is making you fool.This is not fair.

    3. Oh, dear. I am not insulting you. I was insulting that impostor. I know you are the real one. I think you should have a code every time you comment. So that I know. You could mail me your code. :)


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