Saturday, January 7, 2017

The light of our life

His first word was dight (light) when we drove down to Park Street five years ago on a Christmas eve. His first ever word. No mama, no baba. Dight.

He kept saying dight for then next month or two every-time he saw a light. Tube light, candle light, wedding lights, moon light, sun light... Anything that shone was gleefully pointed at and squealed - dight.  And every time he did that our face shone with light too.

Our face lights up with happiness even today when he mentions with great gusto and enthusiasm what a light year implies, and that the sun is about eight light minutes away from the earth.

May the light travel with him always, wherever he goes. Happy birthday, baby. Love you to a million light years and back. 


  1. Well, Whaddya expect when he is a product of White+Lamp?

    Happy Birthday, Rihu Babu!!!
    Keep shining! Keep smiling!!! And lots of love <3


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